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A change of direction in corporate marketing is underway

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Whether it is because of our condition or our needs, people establish relationships through communication, an intrinsic human action that does not only refer to the exchange of messages.

We are talking about an intrinsic human action that does not only refer to the exchange of messages. We are talking about interaction, confluence and everything that is involved in a simple act of communication. Today we would like to take a look at the importance of communication in companies, so we are going to start by asking you these questions:

how do you communicate with your customers, and what changes have you noticed in the ways you do it?

The change of direction in business communication

From its origins, marketing has pursued the primary objective of designing a value proposition for potential customers and, in turn, building strong relationships with them. It is the language that companies speak.

If we look back a few years, we find marketing and communication plans based on unidirectionality, i.e. transmitting information to potential customers to convey their ideas, which they receive and there is no direct feedback.

Bidirectional communication, on the other hand, manifests the purest state of communication, i.e. companies (senders) send a message to their potential customers (receivers) and these interact or participate. It has been demonstrated that this type of communication achieves a greater impact and effectiveness on the audience.

We are talking about a type of communication typical of Inbound Marketing strategies, as it is perfect for attracting our potential customers by making them feel part of the brand. Bidirectionality has become a probable phenomenon thanks to the immense world of the Internet.

Consumers have an immense amount of choices in the marketplace before their eyes, but the struggle for companies to generate that click is becoming more and more complicated. Perhaps we are talking about the trigger for this two-way communication.

what results do companies get from two-way communication?

Among all the advantages that companies obtain thanks to this communication, there is one that stands out above the rest. We are referring to the capacity to project the human ingredient of the brands. Consumers manage to see the real concern of these in their problems or needs, so that they get involved in the communication.

However, this is not the only advantage that companies obtain, as they also experience others such as:

  • Greater interactivity.
  • Increased trust in your brand.
  • Greater precision in what your company transmits.
  • Facilitates the generation of community, traffic, engagement and loyalty.
  • Increases the number of conversions.

The reality is that writing in one way, without giving rise to a response, greatly limits the possibilities of companies.

what is the relationship between Inbound Marketing and two-way communication?

It is the Inbound methodology that makes two-way communication possible for companies, that manages to establish a link between brands and potential customers, that manages to attract them through valuable content, that opens up a world of interaction. Communication is part of the race for success that your company establishes. Remember that your potential customers are part of it, and that, therefore, they must participate in the communication. Generating interest in the recipient is a power that we have in our hands.

In this way, we have been relating traditional marketing with one-way communication and Inbound Marketing with bidirectionality. Are you willing to make the most of your contact channels? How are you going to create a bond of trust with your potential buyers? What content do you want to offer them?

And how are you communicating with your potential customers?

At Occam Digital Agency, we believe that the consumer comes first.

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