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Contextual marketing personalises every action of your brand

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There is no better way to carry out a strategy than by following the commandments of your own law. The first: Know your consumer.

If until now brands have been focusing on the profile of their ideal customer through the definition of their buyer persona, now we want to go a step further. Knowing the tastes, hobbies, responsibilities, educational level, objectives, frustrations, age and geographical area of our potential customers may seem like CIA espionage, but it is only the exhaustive knowledge of the consumers your company is targeting.

This is the first and most important step when we want to do content marketing. And now comes the best part: if we add to all this information the context of the customer, VOILÁ! It is no longer a question of knowing who he is, but also of knowing where he is, what he does and what he is going to do.

Of course, your questions now will be: 'How can I do it?' 'What are the advantages?' Relax, that's what we were going to tell you now.


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what is contextual marketing?

you've just hit the nail on the head of companies that attract and retain their ideal customers. Companies that send you a message just when and where you need it. Companies that empathise with customers' private events. Companies that deliver the right content, at the right time, in the right place. That's contextual marketing. That's why you need to be ready to give consumers what they're looking for when they need it most.

The online world has brought us an ideal opportunity to do this, because marketing actions can reach everywhere in a matter of milliseconds. Because it works.

Personalising your marketing actions

As contextual marketing is becoming more and more fashionable, as customers are the strong point of any Inbound strategy and as companies want to grow with them, let's see how they bake and serve their marketing dishes to conquer the public's palate.

Before the contextual marketing feast begins..

  • They create their buyer personas.
  • They create content optimised for the different phases of the buyer journey (discovery, consideration and decision).
  • Theyclassify their contacts according to their lifecycle stage in the marketing and sales processes and implement them. The lifecycle stage.
  • They have structured forms with which they obtain relevant and usable information to interact with sales opportunities.
  • They havea clean and organised database.

Contextual marketing in action for..

  • Identify opportunities on high-performing landing pages, for example.
  • Choose the targeting option to be carried out (city, profession, device type, etc.) and identify the group of users to focus on.
  • Apply personalisation in calls to action, in emails, etc.

Thanks to HubSpot's CRM, many companies have already tested the benefits of contextualised digital marketing: it is the pioneering and most complete platform to combine data with the context of the ideal customer and deliver the right message, at the right time and in the right place.

do you believe in the magic?

Small doses of contextual marketing

It's the same with companies as it is with people. Older people have had to go digital. Millennials haven't. They were born with digitalisation under their arm. So were centennials. Younger generations know what virtual reality, document management, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) are all about.

The same is true for businesses. ecommerces and native online shops are not facing a rejuvenation challenge. Old-school companies are. It is a necessary transformation to adapt to the demands of today's consumers. We cannot sell to today's customers with yesterday's techniques, but we know that this change is costly.

We bring you 4 examples to give you an idea of how brands from the 90s onwards have joined the contextualised digital transformation:

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  • When the lights went out for the Super Bowl XLVII finale in 2013,the brand tweeted, "You can still dunk biscuits in the dark," drawing a response from millions of fans.
  • Extra Space Storage uses contextual marketing capabilities to target the customer with relevant messages via SMS and email. A very clear example of its focus on personal circumstances is the messages its customers receive when moving house, focused on real-time weather.
  • McDonalds: In 2017, there was talk of a shift in marketing strategy to more concrete and personalised actions, moving from the global to the concrete, talking to consumers, getting to know them and targeting local stories.
  • Amazon Coffee has created an app that alerts consumers behind the wheel that they need a break, focusing not only on driver safety, but also on taking them to one of its coffee shops via a GPS system.

still not sure if you need to personalise your marketing efforts?

If you are looking to grow as a company and as a professional, no matter what your size or sector, you can start creating your own contextualised actions to rise through the ranks and enjoy the change.

Many brands are experiencing a lack of attraction of potential customers. They would like to get the most out of their social networks, but they don't know how to do it. They don't generate valuable content. Because in Inbound Marketing, not everything goes. They don't generate enough leads. And the results they get are not measurable. So what are they doing to grow?

When they realise these problems, they press the key to change. That's where you learn. And they stop investing their time and money in polishing spaces that are not connected to the right audience. Until someone presses the lever of the Inbound methodology and uncovers the key to success.

is contextual marketing the saviour of brands? You tell us. It's your turn to make a move.


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