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Learn about the phases of a software development project

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We live in a modern world where the complexity of the market, the transformation of consumer habits and the amount of problems grow without measure. In this context, application development has become a perfect alternative to obtain precise solutions, while saving time and costs. In this post, we are going to tell you about the phases that a programmer follows in the software development process. Don't you know them yet? Do you have an idea in mind? Join us!

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what is software development and what is it for?

It is the action carried out by a programmer to create or develop software. These computer specialists conceive and elaborate computer systems, implement them and set them up to be used with one or several programming languages. Its main characteristics are: object-oriented programming and the separation of the different logical stages according to the application, the access and the level of presentation.

Software development is driving the creation of corporate applications, both internally and externally, and is a complex process that requires a lot of planning. However, the creation of applications does not simply involve their development, but also other tasks that are indispensable for their operation, such as: systems analysis, software design, testing and review, maintenance, usability, re-engineering, architecture, among many other things.

The main uses of software development are currently being carried out by companies, who are creating their own mobile and web applications to improve internal processes, customer service, brand visibility and user experience. Mobile applications are a perfect way to publicise your products and services and reach consumers more quickly, conveniently and easily.

Phases of a software development project

if you have an idea in mind, it's time to give it shape. Below, we are going to show you the steps that programmers follow to develop software from the initial idea:

  1. System and requirements analysis: The requirements of the software product to be developed are extracted and captured in the ERS document (System Requirements Specification).
  2. Software design and architecture: At this point, the programmer(s) will determine how the software will work in general. This is the time to make considerations about the network, hardware, use cases, etc. The architecture represents the first design decision about the system and is one of the most important points in the development process.
  3. Programming and implementation: The different processes and structures that have been defined for the system are implemented. The complexity and duration of this stage is not exact, as it is directly linked to the programming languages used.
  4. Tests and revision: These are used to detect non-conformities from employees, clients and errors. This is the moment to check that the software works correctly with the indicated tasks, and for this purpose, each module can be tested separately and then as a whole. Revisions, on the other hand, are the perfect opportunity to carry out the necessary measures to ensure the quality of the system from the beginning of the development.
  5. Maintenance and care: Once the software solution we have developed is operational, technical support is essential. It involves in-service user support, necessary software updates, implications and support. This stage is vital for the maintenance and improvement of the system, as well as for dealing with possible errors and responding to new requirements.
  6. Documentation: Transparent documentation of the program source code is of great importance in the development process.
  7. Usability design- the way in which users can interact as comfortably and intuitively as possible with the system. It will determine the user experience.

In recent years, we have seen how this practice has grown exponentially in Spain and in other countries around the world. Software development in Madrid, for example, is a practice that is increasingly used, not only by companies that demand the creation of applications, but also by development professionals who work on different projects on a daily basis.

This work must be done as a team, with the collaboration of several developers in charge of dealing with specific parts of the system separately, as well as graphic designers, among others. In recent years, we have seen how the term programmer advances towards the concept of developer, a phenomenon that occurs thanks to experience, the application of development methodologies and the technical knowledge that is acquired over time.

ifyou are a company located in Madrid and you need to develop software, ask us for help and we will be happy to help you.


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