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Steps to customer loyalty in the IT sector

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have you struggled to get clients? When you have succeeded, has the process ended? How can we turn clients into promoters of our technology company?

The world of the IT sector is a world of specialisation, discontinuity and change, three characteristics that require the ability to adapt. Professionals in technology companies are aware of how complicated it can sometimes be to acquire customers and convert them into promoters of their company. Some believe they have finished the journey when they manage to convert sales opportunities into customers. Others, however, consider the possibilities in their decision to transform them into promoters. At this point, we ask ourselves the following question: How can we build customer loyalty in the IT sector?

Time: an effective investment for customer loyalty

You have just invested in your customers one of the most precious commodities a human being can have: time. Planning it has taken you a lot of work. You have spent it on attracting visitors or prospects, you have offered content to convert them into sales opportunities, and you have managed to convert them into customers. The process has been complex, but now you feel that it has been worth investing all your time in it. However, do you think you have reached the end? The answer is: no. When technology companies achieve the objective they really set, i.e. they manage to make customers, they cannot afford to lose them. Sometimes, however, they are so focused on their objective that, when they achieve it, they do not know what they should do next.

The process of insertion

fidelizar clientes en el sector itWhen we talk about onboarding, we talk about inclusion. Onboarding customers in technology companies is a complex process. It is important for IT companies to be clear about how to go about it, otherwise they might experience some problems that will affect their relationship with customers and the campaign will lose its way. This is why it is necessary for professionals to establish a plan with very clear objectives. The first step to achieve our goals is to define them!

do you know what is the place of customer loyalty in the company? It is a key element in the company's performance. Offering a quality product, capable of satisfying the customer, is not enough. Satisfaction is not loyalty. Therefore, it is convenient to ask yourself: What strategies am I using to build customer loyalty? Are they giving good results? Could they be improved?

Steps to build customer loyalty in the IT sector

In the field of Inbound Marketing, customer loyalty occupies a privileged place for companies. Those who achieve it, in most cases, have a very hard-earned path. The positive effects are a step towards success in the companies' business. Therefore, more and more professionals in the technology sector do not lose sight of this objective. These are customer-oriented companies, companies that pursue a long-term relationship, and companies that only need these steps to achieve it:

  1. Building relationships- demonstrating an interest in the customer that goes beyond the companies' own need to sell. Confusing interest in the customer with interest in the sale is a mistake that many professionals make when it comes to building loyalty, and the main reason why they don't invest their time in it.
  2. Evaluation: The campaign and the customer's material are two factors that must be taken into account when it comes to evaluating and working on customer loyalty. Knowing what they have done so far, and what they have not done, will be fundamental for proper outreach.
  3. Definition of objectives: The creation of a marketing plan, as well as the establishment of its objectives, are essential to know what needs to be done, which is the path we are going to follow and how we are going to carry it out. Having these points marked will be fundamental to have an effective campaign.
  4. Create a customer focus and a customer-centric culture. To do this, it is necessary for the team to meet before establishing any type of interaction with the customer, as it will be fundamental for the members to understand what they have to do.
  5. Initial call: It is necessary to plan an initial call that serves as a direct contact with the client. It is the most awaited moment, a first impression, so it is necessary to be very clear about what to say and how to say it. The work team must show its knowledge without overdoing it. Its presentation must give the impression of what it is: a team of experts.
  6. Personalised attention: Providing personalised attention will make the client feel that their interests are being taken care of and, as a result, trust is generated between both parties. To do this, it is necessary to call clients by name, and for communication to flow spontaneously. This is a great advantage that technology companies should take advantage of with a personal and far from cold treatment.
  7. Meeting: It is recommended that, after a few days, a personal meeting should be held to find out where you stand and to solve or comment on any aspect. At this point, we can also take advantage of any error to win back the customer.

Carrying out these tasks in practice will be a point of support for your company in the IT sector. Your customers are not just consumers, although this depends on you. If you carry out the practices we have just mentioned, the chances of turning them into regular, loyal customers and promoters of our company will have multiplied. Are you ready to achieve this?

start working on loyalty!

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