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Techniques that increase interaction on social networks

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Generating more interaction on social networks is one of the main challenges faced by large companies. Achieving this is a task that not only requires the ability to be patient, but also requires the use of techniques that, when used properly, trigger the conversation of users on social networks. If you succeed, you will have passed the key test in interaction: arousing people's interest.

6 techniques that increase interaction on social networks

Increasing the level of interaction is a challenge that all companies go through. Some more, some less, but, at the end of the day, all of them have witnessed it. The reason is that no social network is born generating conversation and participation, as it is a goal that requires time and effort. Therefore, IT companies must know very well which are the 6 techniques that they can use to achieve it. Let's see some of them:

  1. Post frequently: Your company should establish and respect the posting times. Having a dynamic for frequent posting increases the chances of interaction. The rate of posting will also depend on the type of social network you are using. For example, the rate of posting on Twitter is not the same as on LinkedIn. Also, we must not forget that posting 15 times a day does not ensure a greater reach.
  2. Include catchy words: It may seem silly, but using the right words in the right place can capture the attention of users, making them stop and proceed to read the content. These words depend on what you want to tell, but some examples could be: victory, suffering, care, error, crisis and authentic.
  3. Clearly define your position. Companies in the IT sector publish content on social networks to be read by people who need to know about their services. Therefore, you must be very clear about your perspective and personality, as you must reflect the same essence of the brand in each communication with users.
  4. Establish the best time to publish. Choosing the best time to publish is a key point to ensure that your users are available to read you. Do you know what time your audience is active? You probably don't know, but it is essential to avoid wasting the content you have been working on for hours. Give it the value it deserves!
  5. Create valuable content. The validity of your publications is measured, among other things, by the level of response to what users want to know. Now, you may be wondering: how can I know? Well, to do so, you need to put yourself in their shoes for a moment, study their behaviour, possible doubts they may have, etc. In this way, it will be much easier to generate content that provides information of great value to them.
  6. Include calls to action. Thanks to their use in social networks, companies are experiencing an increase in the percentage of shares, and it is proven that, if you ask them, the user will have more need to interact. This is the role of calls to action: to ask them to act. To do this, they must be related to the content and be consistent.

In general, it is about showing users that the content you provide is useful to solve their doubts or to cover a need, two reasons enough to stop and proceed to read your content.

It is not enough to make an effort

Despite the importance of effort in any of the things we want to achieve in our lives, sometimes this attitude of effort, interest and perseverance is not enough. Therefore, it is necessary that companies in the technology sector do not lose sight of the techniques we have just mentioned. In the same way, it would not be enough to use one of them and forget about the rest.

If we publish content in a certain time slot, we will be contributing to improve the possibilities of interaction, but it will not do us much good if we do not take into account the rest of the actions. Precisely for this reason, we can affirm that these methods make sense when they are used together. Otherwise, you will never manage to increase interactivity in your social networks, unless you have a stroke of luck. Are you ready to check it out?

Interactivity on social networks opens up a world of possibilities

At a time when the democratisation of the online world is becoming evident, the network has become a medium that makes interaction between people possible. No matter where you are in the world, interactivity has no barriers. Therefore, companies are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of interactivity with users.

Among them, they have found it easier to reach customers and achieve efficient results, they have found a cheap way to do it, they have increased the traffic and influence of their services, as well as productivity. Therefore, companies no longer doubt about the efficiency of social networks and, even less, of online presence. Listening to customers is the best way to get them to talk about your brand in the IT sector. Taking advantage of all your possibilities has never been so important.

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