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Stages of web creation and development in WordPress

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how to create your corporate website with WordPress? Are you looking for a simple design, development and programming process in Madrid?

Then, you'd better follow these points to make your website a guaranteed success on the net. Let's say you have an idea in mind. It's the first step! The design of your website reinforces the brand image in the online world. And if you don't build an attractive place to show your business information, others will do it for you.

are you looking for the best options to design your corporate website? Do you already have a website but need to change some aspects?

This last option would not be surprising if we take into account the changing habits of users in the last year, the interests of the new generations, the growth of mobile devices and the digital transformation. They force the brand to renew its website, don't deny it.

Don't deny it. What you hope to achieve is a better company image, increase your online presence, build customer loyalty, improve SEO positioning, improve the usability of the page and stand out from the competition. It's what most people are looking for, with the difference that you have already taken the first step.

let's get started!

Stages of web creation and development

If you are looking for something practical without sacrificing the quality of your website, you have landed in the right place. At Occam Agencia Digital we are dedicated to the creation and development of websites in Madrid. We rely on the knowledge and experience of our developers, and we invest attention in the best content management systems.

Whether you are a freelancer, a small business or a large organisation, at Occam we adapt to your project. These are the phases we follow in the design of WordPress websites:

  • 1.briefing

These are the minimum requirements for the project to be valid and adapted to the needs and requirements of the client. Your project manager will sit down with you to prepare this document, which is nothing more than a sketch of what you need to advertise on the internet. Together, we will review each product or service, so that we capture the essence of your business in a short time.

  • 2.tailor-made template

It is installed by the designers and has everything necessary for the page to be displayed correctly on the front end. However, this template can be customised by adding other plugins that do what the client needs. Here are some examples:

    • - Yoast SEO is a search engine optimisation plugin for WordPress, a little extra help to improve web positioning.
    • - Contact Form 7. It is one of the most used plugins and allows you to manage multiple contact forms.
  • - Jetpack is free and very popular to simplify the management of websites with security services statistics and web traffic growth.
  • - W3 Total Cache, widely used by bloggers to improve the user experience by increasing user performance.
  • - WooCommerce is based on the WordPress management system and is very easy to use to create and design an online shop.Analysis and design

3- Briefing

It is important to be clear about the interface and navigation requirements so that they are as shown in the design, as well as responsive. Requirements of the operating environment, such as compliance of the hosting with some storage criteria. And quality requirements with which the website must comply at all times (ease of use, loading speed, scalability, SEO optimisation, compatibility with other browsers, etc.).

Once we analyse all the content, we will find both static pages (storing the information) and dynamic pages (storage structures that use readings in a database in order to select the content we want to show). WordPress is one of the easiest content management systems to install, and if we compare it with a custom development, it is much simpler.

The WordPress management system undergoes constant updates. And that makes it very compatible with mobile versions. And if you want an even more optimal design, you can look for responsive web design templates.

are you looking for maximum versatility in all types of web design? Long live your WordPress website!

Conclusions about WordPress web development

It is possible to buy a design, template or plugin and modify it. However, no one can copy the programming or the modifications you make to your website, even though WordPress and PHP are free to use. When someone decides to contract the design of their website, they are faced with an infinite number of options, among which are the creation and development of customised websites and the use of platforms such as WordPress.

In general, this provides us with a series of mechanisms with which to manage or modify our website, such as templates and widgets, as well as a world of possibilities for web creation and development. Is this what you were looking for?

We are Occam Agencia Digital, a web creation and development company. We are passionate about programming and developing web projects adapted to the trends and needs of the 21st century. You will find us in Madrid. Millions of users use WordPress on a daily basis. Now we want you to be the one who gets the best results.

would you like to find the ideal web creation and development for you? We are waiting for you!

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