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Social media actions that benefit your brand

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With so many social networks that exist today, you have probably wondered if your marketing actions or strategies are being well applied. It is not uncommon for these doubts to arise around the presence of your brand on social networks. The question is to know if what you are doing is working or not. It is important that, before launching yourself into the world of networks, you have a strategy in which you consider segmenting your audience, that is, knowing who you are going to target.

Likewise, you must establish the objectives you want to achieve and, most importantly, you must measure the results. Thanks to these three steps, you will know which social network or networks are best for your brand or business. These are the three questions you must answer before choosing a social network: To whom, why and for what purpose? Once you have the answers, you can choose the social network where your community is located.

Once you have chosen the social networks where your brand will have a presence, it is important that you have a plan for each of them. Each social network has different objectives. It is not the same to interact with your Instagram audience as with your LinkedIn audience. The actions and content you choose must be adapted to the audience of each social network and have a specific objective.

Although each network has its own particularities, your messages should always be creative and original, as well as providing value to the user or reader. Now, to alleviate these doubts, we want to share with you some actions for social networks that will improve your brand reputation, as well as interaction with users or customers and the much-acclaimed traffic acquisition.

5 actions for social networks

1. Branding

If you are looking to position your brand and project an image that improves your reputation, it is essential that your networks are prepared and follow the same line. We recommend that you complete as much profile information as possible. Remember that each network has its own characteristics, so fill in the information requested by each one. A more complete profile conveys seriousness and professionalism. The images or photos you use have great power. Above all, they must be of good quality and must show the best of your brand. Take care of the profile picture of your networks or the Facebook or LinkedIn cover, as it gives much information about your brand at first glance and can determine whether a user stays or not. Another of the actions for social networks has to do with the texts you make in the publications. Take care of the spelling, be clear and touch on topics related to your brand.

2. Make a calendar

It is essential that you have a publication calendar for your social networks. We also recommend that you publish frequently and at a specific time on each network. It sounds like a lot of work, but believe us when we tell you that you will have more work and stress if you don't do it. Making a publication calendar allows you to have everything organised beforehand, it saves you time, you maintain a frequency in your publications, you reduce the possibility of making spelling mistakes because, having your calendar prepared, you can review the content again when you have to publish it. It also allows you to create publications on important dates of the month for your brand or your community. This way, you do not miss important moments. There are many platforms to create a calendar of publications such as Trello, Google Sheets, Hootsuite Planner, among others.

3. Interact with your community

Respond to your community's doubts or questions. Don't forget that this is a social network and the key is to converse with users. This not only helps to make sales, but also to improve your brand reputation. Be attentive to any comment or question and, as far as possible, respond immediately. If you receive a complaint or a bad comment, turn it into an opportunity to solve the problem, propose a solution and be attentive and willing to help that user who had a bad experience with your brand. Don't forget that you can always turn a bad comment into a compliment thanks to your problem-solving skills. The secret is to keep your community alive and dynamic.

4. Interact with other brands

Look for brands within your niche or similar and interact with them. For example, imagine you sell sportswear, in that case we recommend you find a brand dedicated to selling healthy food or fitness products. This way you can do sweepstakes, make live broadcasts talking, for example, about how to lead a healthier life, comment on each other's publications, create offers, among others. This way you will not only increase the number of followers, but you will also generate business opportunities.

5. Advertise

The creation of advertising campaigns are key actions for social networks to grow in the online world. We recommend you try campaigns on Facebook, Twitter Ads or Instagram. These are cheaper than Adwords and allow you to segment your target audience to the millimeter. Also, if you invest money in advertising for your brand, the organic reach of your publications will improve indirectly. By being able to segment your audience so well, you can reach a potential audience that can become future customers. Also, you can start advertising on networks with a few euros a day, which means that it can be applied to both small and medium enterprises. And the best thing is that the same networks provide you with analytical analytics of your campaign in real time.

Think about it: your audience is the most important thing. As your community grows, show interest in what they like the most and identify what they definitely don't like. This will help you create content that is useful and relevant to your audience and therefore increase your brand's visibility. And don't forget that the most important thing is to offer solutions. We hope these social media actions will help you and don't hesitate to put them into practice.

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