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how do you reorient your strategy if your actions don't work?

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Your digital marketing strategy, no matter how good it is, sometimes doesn't translate into good results, or not the ones you expected. And if your actions don't work, it's because there's something you're not doing quite right.

A marketing plan involves working, defining, measuring, but also rectifying and making changes, so they are not static documents that are saved and forgotten once they are put into action. Marketing is constantly changing, and sometimes you have to make readjustments.

Today we bring you how you can reorient your marketing strategies when actions are not working as expected.

read on to make sure you don't miss a thing!

  1. check your buyer persona

If your actions are failing, it may be because you are not targeting the right audience.

To start reorienting all your marketing strategies again you should start by reviewing the profile of your buyer persona. It is important that you know what needs this ideal customer has and if your product or service can satisfy them.

Once you have re-drawn the buyer persona profile you can start creating content, the tone you will use, which channels you will use to reach them, etc.

  1. check that you are measuring all your actions

Remember, what you don't measure cannot be improved. You have to check the metrics of your strategy constantly, as well as choosing the right KPIs that fit your needs and actions.

If you regularly check the data you will be able to rectify it faster, adjust it and see what is or is not working. Not everything always works the first time, and that is why you have to keep testing and that is what metrics are for, to check if you are on the right track or if you need to reorient your actions.


  1. check the new trends

Digital marketing is constantly changing and you should be aware of them. If your actions and campaigns are not working, it may be because you are not up to date and you are falling behind your competitors.

A clear example of this is social networks, which are booming, but every so often they release updates and new features that you can take advantage of.

  1. examine your goals

It may sound crazy, but often marketing strategies fail because of poorly defined objectives. If your actions are not working and you need to reorient them, you should review your objectives.

Start by observing if the ones you have previously set follow the SMART rule (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Achievable and Time-bound). Once you are clear about this, you will be able to better comply with them.

Often goals are set that are not achievable in a given period of time or are not specific, and therefore the rest of the strategies that are created to carry them out fail.


  1. take care of the contents

If you have checked all the previous points and you observe that everything is correct, perhaps the failure is in your contents, and this is the strategy that you have to reorientate towards another point of view.

You know who you are targeting, what your ideal audience is like, you have set the right objectives, you have measured your actions, etc. So, could it be that your content is not being interesting for your target audience?

You have already defined the profile of your ideal customer, now it's time to make relevant and quality content for them, content that catches their attention and makes them stay on your website until they convert.

Don't leave this task to chance, because your content strategy also includes other aspects such as SEO positioning , which is what helps you to be visible in the first results of the Google search page. Good content that is optimised, relevant and meets the requirements of search engines will help you to be visible and therefore bring more traffic to your website.

  1. see what customers think of you

It is important that in order to redirect a strategy that is not working you know why it is not going well.

Often our marketing plan is well designed, but we don't stop to think about what customers think of you. As you know, your marketing strategy document is not static, you can make modifications as you implement actions in your brand.

Therefore, it is advisable that you stop and ask yourself what your customers are saying about you, you can carry out surveys, check comments and reviews, ask your collaborators, etc.

It is essential that you know what they think of you to know if you are doing well or if you should make changes. After all, your goal is not only that the customer converts in your company, but also that he/she is satisfied, that he/she recommends you and that he/she trusts you again in the future.

in conclusion, if your digital marketing actions are not working, do not get frustrated, check each of the parts and see where the failure is. You know that a marketing plan is not a static document, it is a project that undergoes changes in order to move forward.

All the actions you put in place can be redirected if they are not going in the right direction. Test until you find the perfect strategy for your business.

we hope you enjoyed this post!

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