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Why communicate with your customers with video marketing?

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what is video marketing and why is it so powerful? You will have often come across these questions. Well, now it's our turn to explain why this format has become a powerful element of digital marketing. One thing is clear: your customers want video. They consume it easily, they are entertained, their brains remember 80% of what they see and thanks to it, brands are more visible. That's the big challenge.

In this chapter we are going to give you 14 reasons to communicate with video once and for all.

what is video marketing?

Yes, we know it is very basic, but it is much more important than you think, something that now seems so commonplace, but that is changing the behaviour of brands and users. Video marketing is a type of communication strategy that companies apply through audiovisual production to reach their audience and persuade them.

Reasons to use video marketing in your communications

Everything is easier and more understandable when it is told to us in an audiovisual way. Often, the written content keeps details that are summarised in a general way in the video. That's why video and text form a strange and perfect couple. Remember when at school you were told to read a book and you looked for the option to watch the film? The same thing happens to your clients with the content of your blog.

That's why we've brought you 14 reasons to convince you to make video marketing part of your strategy:

    1. CAPTURE ATTENTION. Having short videos (not much more than 1 minute) instead of endless texts helps to retain the interest of visitors.
    2. GENERATE SALES. It has been proven that video is a perfect visual support resource to increase sales.
    3. VIDEO BLOG. It combines a multitude of multimedia elements in a dynamic way and is very enriching and entertaining for the user.
    4. POSITIONING. Take advantage of all the power of video marketing with complementary information and based on clear objectives. It will have a positive impact on your web positioning and will increase its viral power.
    5. ADD VALUE. You will increase the potential of your valuable content and you will be able to tell a story that connects with the public in a matter of seconds.
    6. GENERATES TRAFFIC. Videos generate much more traffic and users stay up to 25 minutes on sites where this format is present. It drives traffic to your online channels. YouTube is the second most used search engine on planet Earth for a reason.
    7. IT HAS CHEMICS. It connects emotionally with the audience. A video is the perfect dose to make your potential audience fall in love. Your marketing campaign will not go unnoticed and customers will quickly identify with your message.
    8. IT IS FLEXIBLE. It comes in a multitude of formats, depending on your objectives: there are corporate, explanatory, tutorials, motion graphics, cinemagraphs and many more.
  • IT IS HUMAN. Video allows us to explain the characteristics and advantages of our products while humanising the message. It is much more experiential than any other format.
  1. IT IS TRANSPARENT. It improves the company's business card, it reflects its spirit more clearly and what is behind the product or service.
  2. IT IS BELIEVABLE. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, video marketing awakens trust, credibility and proximity.
  3. IT IS ATTRACTIVE. It never goes unnoticed. It tells you in one minute what a text would do in almost two million words.
  4. iT IS VIRAL. more than 90% of users who see it share it on their social networks. Its diffusion is even greater with the widespread use of mobile devices.
  5. IT IS ATTENTIVE. It involves the consumer to the core. They want to be listened to and reading information is not enough. They need communication on the move to establish a link with the company.

everything clear so far?

Video, what for?

Video is ideal for your blog, for your email marketing campaign, social networks and a long etcetera. It is very well received in all channels. It can add a lot of value to your content strategy. For example: an explanatory video can tell how to use a product of your company in seconds. The user will understand it inside out and will not have to complicate his life to solve the problem.

And you can even present your company in a few words. Perfect for your customers to get to know you inside and out. Transparent, face to face.

Let your marketing campaigns look great. Your audience appreciates it. Data shows every year that audiovisual pieces generate a great ROI, or return on investment, and a very positive impact on brands.

Any user pays more attention to a video than to a text before making a purchase. They no longer just watch what they are offered, they search, browse, listen, watch and participate. They want authenticity, humanity and trust. Everything that video brings with it.

Video marketing gives you wings. Shall we check it out?

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