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Corporate LinkedIn profile optimisation

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Most companies use LinkedIn as a promotional tool and to gain leads, so it is important to keep the profile optimised. Today we tell you the best tips.

Top tips for optimising your corporate LinkedIn profile

  1. Share your own and other people's updates. You should post at least one update a day on your LinkedIn profile. Also, remember that the best times to post on LinkedIn are first thing in the morning and mid-afternoon and the best days are during the week (following the working day).
  1. Listen to whatyour customers and prospects are saying about your brand or product or about your competition and search for keywords about your company in the LinkedIn search engine and look forarticles where it is mentioned.
  1. Create a LinkedIn group: You can create a LinkedIn group around a specific interest, where you can publish posts, articles, good content and start discussions.
  1. Discover and connect with influencers on LinkedIn. Follow the influencers you are interested in and comment on their posts, also keep in mind that they have a huge following and usually respond to interactions themselves. Share the content they post, write to them and ask them to be your contact. The good thing about LinkedIn is that they are quite democratic in that they give you access to all these influencers.

Optimización perfil LinkedIn corporativo

  1. Recruit talent for your business. One of the most obvious uses of LinkedIn for business is to be able to recruit talent on LinkedIn, after all it was originally created for that purpose. Need someone new in your company? You can find good candidates using the "advanced search". This is the most obvious use of LinkedIn for business.
  1. Advertise your company - LinkedIn ads are a great resource for gaining brand awareness, especially for B2B companies . LinkedIn advertising is a little more expensive than Facebook or Twitter but can be worthwhile for your type of business.
  1. Use product pages. Product pages allow you to promote specific products or services to a specific type of audience. Product pages can be used for different products, new launches and other purposes such as showcasing examples of work (they can be a virtual portfolio of success stories for your company).
  1. Integrate your profile with Twitter and Slideshare. It is very easy to connect your company's Twitter account with your professional profile so that what you post on LinkedIn will appear on Twitter. You can also upload presentations to Slideshare and share them on LinkedIn.
  1. Profile and cover photos. Company profiles on LinkedIn should also have a profile and cover photo. Usually the profile photo, the smallest one, is the company logo or isotype, while the options for the cover photo can vary: from the head office to photos of employees at work, photos of an awards ceremony where the company has won an award... The point is to offer a positive visual impact that gives the best possible image of the company to whoever visits the corporate page.

Optimización perfil LinkedIn corporativo

  1. Page information: A company has a leitmotiv, a reason for its existence, a location (physical or online, both of the headquarters and of its own activity), a consumer need that it wants to cover, a market niche... All this is what, in summary, must be indicated in the page information, just below the header. We can even add the company's slogan, either the one it has on a regular basis or that of the current marketing or promotional campaign.
  1. About' section: As in the case of professional profiles, optimising a LinkedIn profile for company pages requires completing the 'About' section. What we have summarised in the previous section, we can and should make it more extensive now, explaining what kind of company we are, the years of experience, some important achievements, business objectives... At this point we must take into account that we must offer all the contact information we want them to know. For example, of course, the website, contact telephone numbers, the economic sector, the size of the company (number of employees and how many have a LinkedIn profile), the headquarters (including a map and the ways to get there), the year of foundation and the specialities of its business activity.
  1. Job offers: To publish job offers, companies have different channels: from their own section on their website to job search platforms, portals and websites such as Indeed, Infojobs or Domestika. And also a company account on LinkedIn, as this has a section called 'Jobs'. Therefore, the administrator(s) of a company page on LinkedIn should, in contact with Human Resources, publish job offers here. The information should be clear and detailed as far as possible, with basic information on what they offer and what they ask of candidates. For many it is possible that even direct contact with the company via these job offers is more reliable than other job portals (and vice versa), let's bear this in mind.

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