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Obots, Occam's first video game built under the Play to Earn phenomenon

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At Occam Agencia Digital, we never run away from a challenge, only from hollow ideas that have no basis or viability.

In the context of video games and entertainment, having an innovative idea is already a triumph. That's why we listen to you, analyse your proposal and take charge of bringing it to life through the development of the video game you have in mind. The complicated part of the process is not knowing whether you need a video game development company or not, it's determining which product is right for you.

curious to see our first video game built under the Gaming 3.0 ecosystem and the Play to Earn phenomenon?

go for it!

Play to Earn in the era of Gaming 3.0

Play to Earn is a gaming philosophy focused on economic value rather than simple fun, meaning that players can earn real money while playing.

  • From a player's perspective, Play to Earn means that you can earn money by playing, which can be achieved in a variety of ways, such as earning rewards for completing quests, selling items you have obtained in the game, or even participating in combat.
  • For game developers, this means they can offer users greater motivation to play, as there is a real monetary incentive to do so. In the age of Gaming 3.0, Play to Earn is revolutionising the way players interact with video games.

In addition, Play to Earn rewards players for their hours of play through NFTs or non-fungible tokens. It works in a simple way:

  • The goal of the philosophy is profit and entertainment.
  • It focuses on the pursuit of efficiency and productivity.
  • It emphasises effort and hard work as a means to success.
  • It is based on the principle that learning is a continuous process.
  • Its open economy allows players to contribute to building the game.

It is a natural evolution of Gaming 3.0, as players are increasingly interested in games that can generate revenue. This trend is accelerating thanks to the popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The crypto world's bet on Play to Earn games

This phenomenon has arisen in the world of video games thanks to cryptocurrencies, allowing both investors and gamers to earn while having fun.

This philosophy has been created by the blockchain community so that players can obtain tokens and earn money for playing, and it is not only being applied to games of chance, but also to strategy, role-playing and many more. It is designed so that players can maximise their profits and minimise their risks in an increasingly safe, fair and reliable ecosystem.

To learn more about this reality, we are going to explain in a few lines some of the Play to Earn titles that are trending at the moment:

  • Axie Infinity: In this online strategy video game, players breed, train and fight magical creatures, in the form of NFTs, called Axies.
  • Mobox: The player must guide a character through a maze while avoiding being hit by objects (Binance NFT Mystery Box).
  • Aliens World: A metaverse spread over seven different planets, where the main objective is to win cryptocurrencies (Trilium, TLM).

But that's not all, as new titles are in development with improved game features, as well as more attractive options and new opportunities to earn extra income.

read on!

We develop Obots under the Play to Earn phenomenon and Gaming 3.0

The trend of developing Play to Earn video games in-house not only allows companies to generate additional revenue, but also offers players a more attractive way to earn rewards for the time and effort they put into the games. This can include earning money, experience points or even virtual items.

After opening a new line of business based on the development of video games, Occam Agencia Digital has launched its first proposal built under the Gaming 3.0 ecosystem and the growing trend of Play to Earn. Its name is Obots, and in the following lines we tell you how this adventure has been.
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We spot the problem

We live in complex times where the traditional economy is not always a reliable source of income, which is why part of society is looking to generate that extra income.

Those closest to the most innovative technological environment have been aware of the advantages of the digital economy and, in particular, blockchain technology. Through investment in crypto markets, the blockchain has allowed them to generate extra income.

Close to this reality is the case of Play to Earn video games, established in blockchain networks that, through the purchase and sale of tokens, allow users to generate profits in exchange for playing.

The video game market has grown steadily over the last decade, so much so that it has reached a value of 135 billion dollars worldwide.

The continuous evolution of the industry has led to major innovations, such as Play to Earn (P2E), a gaming model in which players can earn money in the form of cryptocurrencies, tokens and NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens). It arises from the meeting between blockchain technology and the video game ecosystem, completely changing the way in which blockchain assets are exploited.

However, after seeing that the ups and downs suffered by the crypto world and the mistrust generated by various projects have prevented the emergence of a stable Play or Earn industry, we have decided to turn the tables:

  • On the one hand, the popularity of NFTs has led this technology to become a fundamental part of the new video game model, generating card games based on NFT collections or using these tokens as characters or game-boosting elements.

  • On the other hand, we believe that the vast majority of video games developed in this context follow in the footsteps and mechanics of Axie Infinity, the most prominent game of the genre today, which is a turn-based P2E/card game whose developers have simply been concerned with modifying the theme and aesthetics.

So far, no one has tried to combine blockchain technology and Play to Earn with the Fighting Game genre existing in the more traditional videogame industry, hence our proposal with Obots.

We identified the opportunity

what if we create a Play to Earn video game that combines blockchain technology and allows users to earn an extra source of income?

Obots is a video game that breaks the rules established by other Play to Earn games that have only tackled the genre of turn-based combat. It is an initiative that can change the current paradigm, a video game framed in the genre of 2D Fighting Games, with PvP combat in real time, something practically non-existent in the Gaming 3.0 industry (not so in the more traditional environment of the video game industry, where titles such as Brawlhalla or Super Smash Bros are triumphant).

In parallel to this model, a new player profile is also emerging that combines the characteristics of the traditional gamer with those of a person knowledgeable about the crypto world and its advantages, who seeks to increase their income through leisure activities. We are talking about e-gaming as a means of income.

We follow a mission

One of the main objectives of Obots' development is to remove friction and turn e-gaming into a fun activity that allows for easy financial returns. Although users should ideally hybridise the characteristics of the gamer and the crypto-market, no one is left out of the equation.

Even users of other games in the Play to Earn world top, such as Axie Infinity, can increase their fortunes with Obots, benefiting from the lower cost of play, the agility of the title and the brevity of their games. In just a few minutes, they will have completed their battles.

We materialised the idea

Having analysed the problem and detected the opportunity, we have developed a PC platform for the Fighting Games genre, as well as a Play to/and Earn with several modes of play(competitive, training and private room).

Obots allows you to engage in 1vs1 combat against online players connected on another device, against the AI or against your own friends thanks to private rooms. The goal is to beat your opponent in an armed duel over two rounds of 1 minute each. The aim is to reduce your opponent's stamina by using skills that you can acquire, as well as special weapons distributed around the stage.

The Obots videogame and its marketplace (customer centred) make the gaming 3.0/blockchain experience simple, fun and profitable if desired. From a technological point of view, it is also a lightweight software, easy to install and runs on virtually any Windows computer without the need for a high-performance PC on the part of the player.

don't miss the trailer!

The first of its kind

did you know that Obots is a fighting game with a free game mode (training mode) that allows users to try out the game's features without having to invest any money?

And that's not all, they can also create private rooms to play with their friends instead of being randomly paired with another player from their region, which makes for a more entertaining and shared experience.

Once they have taken to the game and are looking to make a profit, the minimum investment is low, making it much easier to start playing and earning money with Obots than with other video games with similar features.

  • Users can play quick matches that do not involve a minimum time of 20 minutes.
  • They can fight in 2-minute matches in which they can already generate income, both for victories and time played.

Obots also emerges as the first of its kind, a fighting game with blockchain technology.

It has been designed with the best possible user/buyer experience in mind, eliminating friction by incorporating different payment methods that make it easy to get hold of game assets and characters without having to go through tedious processes.

The technology behind Obots

The video game industry has always been at the forefront, making the most of all the options that new technologies have to offer, creating unique experiences that have attracted millions of people around the world to invest time and money in these assets.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology is increasingly being introduced into our society and it has not been left behind in the world of video games either, creating one of the most interesting use cases based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies: Play to Earn video games.

It is a model through which a user can earn money in the form of cryptocurrencies or tokens and NFT when playing. It has completely changed the way in which blockchain technology assets are being exploited. Now, it is also the technology on which Obots works.

OBT token and NAB

The game has been developed with the Unity engine together with a proprietary blockchain platform integrated with the Polygon network. From this, characters (NFTs) and skills (obtained through tokens) can be obtained. Thanks to the blockchain protocols, by playing and/or winning games, two types of tokens are obtained, OBT and NAB, which can be used in the aforementioned buying/selling of digital assets or stored in the wallets of the users and exchanged with other players.

In terms of programming language, all the smart contracts used in Obots are developed in Solidity, while the game uses the Unity multiplatform engine and Spine for character animation.

NFTs and video games

NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens are units of value assigned to a business model, one of the most important for these assets, that of cryptocurrencies. In the framework of the crypto world, they are unique assets that cannot be modified or exchanged for another that has the same value.

They work through blockchain technology, which started out focusing on the financial market, but has gradually made its way into the most important sectors of our economy. Specifically, in NFTs. These tokens have become popular in the fashion industry, works of art or real estate, and have seen a new opportunity in video games.

According to experts, they can be used to determine ownership of characters, objects, weapons and other assets found in video games.

But their main use within this market has been that of rewards. NFTs have been configured as one of the main elements, along with cryptocurrencies or tokens, for which a player is rewarded in a video game. It is what is known as the Play to Earn model, or what amounts to the same thing, playing to earn money.

an economy of its own associated with NFTs!

NFT Marketplace

In addition to the game itself, Obots is complemented by an NFT marketplace where users can purchase the various characters. Each time a character is purchased, the platform generates a unique NFT with a binding smart contract. These tokens can be purchased via:

  • Credit/debit card (the marketplace has implemented a payment gateway via Stripe for user convenience).
  • The MATIC cryptocurrency via Metamask or Wallet Connect (both also integrated).
  • Using energy points associated with your player profile.
  • Using your own OBT and NAB tokens.

Once the NFTs are acquired, the characters will automatically appear in your game account.


We have a Dual Token system. As mentioned above, on the one hand, there are the OBTs, and on the other, the NABs. OBT is the utility token that will finance the project at first and whose holders will have several advantages in the game that we will explain in the following points. On the other hand, the NAB is the reward token that players will get for the simple fact of playing the game.

  • TOKEN Obots (OBT) -> Max Supply: 200.000.000
  • TOKEN Nuts and Bolts (NAB) -> Max Supply: infinity

NABs will be mined when the player claims their reward and burned when they buy power-ups. These will be very important in competitive mode, as they will give us a certain advantage and therefore a higher chance of winning the game. Therefore, NABs will gain value by supply and demand depending on how many people play, especially in competitive mode.

The team behind the project

Pioneers on a global level with a 2D P2E fighting game. People who take risks, look for improvements and provoke change. The team behind Obots is made up of a group of highly qualified professionals who are willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure the success and smooth running of the video game.

At the forefront, Daniel García, CEO of Occam and participant in the development for clients who require blockchain technology, and Daniel Collado, COO of Occam and director of internal operations and communication of the company. The project has been developed by this company and has a team of 22 people specialised in the different lines of business of Occam in Spain and the United States: Inbound Marketing and implementation of HubSpot Hubs, experts in Design, Audiovisual and Multimedia Production, and Software Development, from which we develop Obots, along with other platforms such as Eluter (Cryptocurrency Exchange), NFT My Ticket, etc.

In short, we are a passionate team committed to offering the best possible experience to players and people who dream of developing their own video game.

Differences with other Play to Earn games

The main differences between Obots and other games with similar characteristics are the following:

  • Gameplay: Instead of being based on turn-based combat, which slows down the user experience in the game, Obots has PvP combat in real time, where the most important thing is the skill and strategy as a duelist. In addition, the games are faster and more dynamic, which prevents the player from having to invest much of their time in order to play.
  • Onboarding: Unlike other Gaming 3.0 videogames, Obots does not require the user to download their wallet, link the wallet or buy characters to start playing. The user can try the game without spending money, simply by registering with their e-mail or accessing via the Google or Facebook social login implemented in the game. In this way, players can easily test the game: if they are convinced, they can move on to competitive mode and invest money to earn income in the form of tokens.
  • Game limitations: In training mode, you can get reward tokens for the first 25 games, but in competitive mode you can play as long as you want and get energy as long as you win the game. However, there are no limits on the number of games, as with other games of this kind, but only on the number of games with rewards included (25 per day).

are you ready?

Roadmap, the way forward

Obots is not a static videogame, but a dynamic platform that will improve its features over time. These are the short, medium and long term development objectives:

  • launch of Obots Alpha, October 2022

Includes 4 characters, 5 scenarios, 9 weapons, a training and competitive system, private rooms, Google and Facebook social logins, NFTs, Polygon blockchain integration, payment methods with Stripe, Metamask and Wallet Connect, a system to generate income by winning games in competitive mode (Play to Earn), the ranking of competitive and training modes, and a 1vs1 real-time combat system,

  • Obots Beta Launch, November 2022

Includes the following new features: NAB token (no blockchain integration) to be earned by winning matches in any of the modes if you have any NFT purchased; a new bone movement system that improves the quality and fluidity of the game; the redesign of the My Account section of the website.

Power-Up Store: we will add power-ups to be used in games, such as halving the size, double jumping and speed increase; a new menu (optimised in-game interface); and translation of the game into Spanish.

  • Obots Release

1.0.0, February 2023

NAB token deployed on Polygon Network, NAB listing on ShusiSwap, 5 new scenarios, 4 new weapons and the launch of marketing campaigns in Spain.

1.0.1, March 2023

One new character, two new scenarios, two new power-ups, and launch of marketing campaigns in Venezuela and Argentina.

1.0.2, April 2023

Will include two new characters, two new scenarios, two new power-ups and the launch of campaigns in the Philippines.

1.0.3, May 2023

Includes two new characters, scenarios and boosters, as well as opening up new markets in Colombia and Mexico.

1.0.4, June 2023

Includes two new characters, scenarios and boosters, as well as the launch of the ICO communication campaigns.

1.0.5, July 2023

New characters, scenarios and boosters, as well as the launch of the ICO campaign.

1.0.6, August 2023

New characters, scenarios and power-ups will be integrated into the video game.

1.0.7, September 2023

Launch of the Public ICO.

1.1.0, October 2023

Launch of OBT on exchanges, implementation of OBT as a payment method in, OBT reward system.

1.1.1, November 2023

New characters, scenarios and power-ups will be integrated into the game.

1.1.2, December 2023

New characters, scenarios and power-ups will be integrated into the video game.


Implementation of 2vs2 game mode, more than 24 characters, more than 24 stages, new power-ups, added assets for character customisation.

and much more!

let's play!

You are about to play a cybernetic warrior as you fight your way through various duels with other robots, your goal is to liberate the Andromeda galaxy from the evil forces of the Great Winter Empire.

Cygurd, the hunter; Kyohana, the shadow; Occami, the hero; E-1000, the slave... All of them will do their best to win the Obots tournament.

  • how can you buy a character?

From the Obots marketplace, with OBT, NABs, Energy, Credit Card and MATIC. Or, if you prefer, you can also check if someone has an Obots character for sale in the NFTs Opensea marketplace.

  • how can you get energy?

Energy is the stamina unit in Obots. Without it you can't play games. If you win in competitive mode, you will get energy units that will be subtracted from your opponent's. You can buy energy through OBT or MATIC, in addition to getting it by winning in competitive mode.

  • how can you get power-ups?

Power-ups are abilities that allow you to temporarily improve your character during matches. Once used, power-ups will be consumed for life. They allow your character to move faster, jump higher, increase in size, become smaller, etc. You can only buy them with NABs.

Dual path to revenue generation

Launching an idea is often complicated, and launching an idea in the video game industry is no less risky. Obot development is a departure from traditional techniques, but how do users make money?

They have two options:

  1. The in-game sale of assets (characters, energy, power-ups, etc.)
  2. Commission from games played in competitive mode

Remember that Obots characters are NFTs in themselves, i.e. each one has a unique value that cannot be modified or exchanged for another character of the same value.

3 game modes and 5 digital assets

On the one hand, Obots currently has 3 game modes:

  1. Competitive: You need to have at least one purchased character (NFT) and energy (stamina unit used in the game), because if you win in combat, you will get an energy point for your victory, but if you lose, you will lose that energy point. Whether you win or lose the game, you will get NAB tokens that you will store in your user profile.
    If you win: +50 NABs
    If you lose: +20 NABs

  2. Training: In this mode you can play for 100% free, without even purchasing an NFT. Obots provides a base character (E-1000) for those who choose not to invest money in the game. However, if you do not purchase at least one NFT, you will not be eligible for the option to earn NABs during the game (just for playing). You will earn NABs only by winning fights in this mode.
    If you win: +10 NABs
    If you lose: +2 NABs

  3. Private room: You can create a room to play with your friends by sharing the access code to the generated room .
    You don't get NABs

On the other hand, there are 5 digital assets connected to each other:

Obots activos digitales

Firstly, the OBT utility token can be exchanged for characters and energy, as well as being obtained by selling your energy or buying units on an exchange from another user. Secondly, the NAB reward token can be used to purchase characters and power-ups. To get it, you need to have at least one purchased character, i.e. you must own an NFT of Obots. Once this requirement is completed, every time you win a game, either in competitive mode or in training mode, you will get NABs. In addition, you can also buy them from another user on an exchange, as if it were a cryptocurrency in the same way as a normal cryptocurrency.

remember that you can exchange NABs for OBT on the exchanges!

Benefits of Obots for users

Owning Obots tokens brings certain benefits to the user.

With the OBT token, you get:

  • 20% discount on the purchase of NFTs from Obots
  • 20% discount on the purchase of Energy
  • 20% extra profit on the sale of Energy
  • Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver TIERs, depending on the number of OBTs earned on average in the last 10, 20 or 30 days.

With NAB, you get:

  • The ability to purchase in-game Boosters that will allow you to have an advantage over other players who do not have such boosters.

Confessions of those who have already tried it out

In a first test on the ALPHA version, where the reward system was not yet available, the most frequent answers from users were the following:

<<It's very dynamic, we love that the games last between 1.5 and 2 minutes>>.

<<It works perfectly on my PC despite its technical limitations>>>.

<<Starting to play and creating private rooms with my friends is very easy>>.

are you ready to start the battle? Sign up to Obots and discover the latest in Play to Earn.

And if you want to create your own video game?

what's the point of having a great idea if you're the only one who knows it?

Obots is a clear example of what blockchain technology can do for the gaming industry, bringing a new added value where playing games is no longer just an escape or entertainment for players, but a simple way to earn rewards translated into monetary assets.

The play-to-win model is gaining ground, as players earn real money or cryptocurrencies for completing tasks or achievements.

If you now have an idea in mind and would like to turn it into a real video game, requesta free consultation and find out which product is right for you!

Our game development experts will be happy to help you.

still hungry for more?

If you dream of becoming a videogame professional, if you have an idea in mind and you don't know how to shape it, or you are just curious about the evolution of this industry, we invite you to go deeper with expert videogame development companies.

At Occam, we know that this is an evolution with a lot of history in which there has been a big change in purpose and form.

Today, video games have become more sophisticated and focused on offering players an enriching experience. Play to Earn and Gaming 3.0 are two examples of this evolution. On the one hand, Play to Earn is a video game model where players can earn real money while playing, and on the other, Gaming 3.0 is a new form of video game where players have the opportunity to earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies.

These two models are offering players a much more profitable way to play, as well as a way to value their time, which is why Obots is not only the first in 2D Fighting Games, but the ultimate in making money by playing.

Video games teach us to make quick decisions, come on, don't just stand there and get your questions answered by an expert development team!

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