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Innovative cinemagraph format: discover its impact

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do you know this format? How can you take advantage of it in your visual campaigns? Every year new formats emerge that make our content fly in advertising and communication campaigns. The cinemagraph is a clear example. It is attractive to the human eye and creates visual value in digital strategies. While long and boring content dies, moving images resuscitate the user's attention.

come with us and find out why.

The impact of the cinemagraph in digital strategies

The cinemagraph is one of those novel inventions that when they come into the life of brands, something changes forever. They combine photo and video. They contain a small movement that is repeated in a loop, while the rest of the image remains static, providing a sense of realism that breaks with all the schemes. Static images with an animated touch in the part we want to highlight connect with the user. And moreover..

  • They replace visual effects that we would do with complex tools.
  • They adapt easily to responsive pages.
  • They are compatible with all browsers and devices.

Pay attention to these features. They demonstrate the impact of animation on brands' digital strategies:

  • In just 20 seconds you can inform the user of any service.
  • It boosts the consumer's memory of the message and leaves an imprint of the company.
  • It connects quickly with the user.
  • It is clear and attractive.
  • It creates visual value in your digital strategy and is perfect as a marketing action.
  • You can use it for events, project presentations, to support your blog and social media publications, email marketing, etc.

are you up for it too?

Innovating with cinemagraph in marketing

This visual resource is used by many brands for their publications on social networks, email, website, etc., so that they get more impact than with a simple static image. Click here to see examples of big brands, such as Armani, Chanel or Amazon, among others.

The question now is: can this format be used as a marketing action? The answer is YES. And what's more, it is very powerful. If visuals are already very attractive, imagine when you add a touch of movement. Images are capable of transmitting emotions and values that are captured by the audience.

  • They generate a creative and renewed brand image.
  • They increase the feeling of loyalty.
  • They generate added value.
  • They are easily shared.
  • They attract more traffic to the website.
  • They empathise with the consumer.

do you trust a strategy based on images? Tell us about it.

how do I post my cinemagraphs on social media?

Cinemagraphs are commonly found in ads and social media content, especially on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Vine and Tumblr.

  • Facebook- videos under 30 seconds long play automatically. You can post your cinemagraphs from your mobile device or in GIF format. Just upload them to a platform like Giphy or Tumblr and paste the URL into your Facebook post. Go, run and see the result.
  • Twitter: You can upload your cinemagraphs in a maximum size of 15MB. The best option to see your cinemagraph in loop with the highest quality is to upload it to Vine.
  • Instagram. Quick and easy. You only have to upload your video from your smartphone to start enjoying its looping playback. True photographic magic.

Differentiating yourself in the digital world is essential for any brand, and cinemagraphs have that special touch to attract the attention of users with authentic works of art that are subtle, but striking enough to capture attention in an instant, amidst the tide of images and videos that we consume every day.

The cinemagraph is able to increase interaction and engagement rates on Twitter and Facebook much more than a still image and decrease the cost of engagement on Instagram for promos.

Thousands of brands have already tried it, so what are you waiting for?

Leverage the cinemagraph format in your marketing campaigns

Making cinemagraphs is not complicated, here we explain, step by step, how to take advantage of them in your digital campaigns:

  • Email marketing: Add a cinemagraph to make your email marketing campaigns click with your audience and stand out from the rest. It is a perfect visual resource to attract the user's attention. A well-managed email marketing campaign has a lot of attraction and conversion power, but visual content doubles its possibilities.
  • Websites: Cinemagraphs are a trend in web design and have been proven to positively influence traffic and sales.
  • Digital displays. Many brands are joining the use of cinemagraphs on screens and posters, coming to life and telling visual stories of their products and services.

ready to take the leap? Start testing this format for your business, with more engagement, higher CTR and capturing the user's attention for longer than any static image.

shall we start?

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