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Gorillaz joins the 360º trend

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We have already mentioned on several occasions the latest novelty in audiovisual technology: 360º virtual reality videos that allow the viewer to observe an image from all possible angles. These videos are created using several cameras, each of which records a fragment of the total field of vision, which is then processed to create the 360º video.

These types of videos are being used more and more due to the realism they provide for the viewer, as they give the sensation of finding yourself inside the image, which is why they are becoming more and more fashionable and we can find more and more of them on the Internet.

Of the latest 360º videos released recently, we have the new video clip of the well-known band Gorillaz (already available on Youtube) for the track Saturnz Barz (Spirit House) from their upcoming album"Humanz" .

The videoclip is based on an incredible 360º 3D animation that has been very successful in the last few days. Moreover, this kind of videoclip suits them very well, as the band has always known how to experiment with their music using the potentials of technology. So it is expected that they will release more videos in new formats that will be fashionable later on. It could be said that this is the key of this successful band: To be one step ahead and always keep updated with the latest in technology, achieving a unique style in their music and aesthetics.

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