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360º of vision

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Technology changes all the time, nothing remains the same. One example of this is panoramic photography, which used to exist, but has now taken a 360-degree turn thanks to new cameras that make it possible to capture everything around you, allowing for a much more realistic and immersive experience.

And as with photography, technological advances have brought us spherical video or 360° video. These videos are created using multiple cameras, each of which records a fragment of the entire field of view, fragments of which are then processed to create the 360° video.

ideo 360 gradosInitially, cameras were only available within the professional sphere (Nokia OZO), with exorbitant prices, but now non-professional users also have within their reach cameras with which to record 360-degree content and which are beginning to be used in a similar way to how action cameras have been used in recent years.

The first platform to start distributing this video content was YouTube, a trend that was later followed by Facebook. The only difference between these platforms is that on YouTube we can broadcast the 360º videos live, while on Facebook, for the moment, the videos are only delayed.

This novelty makes the audiovisual world look different, exciting and sensational, as it allows the user to relive the experience almost as if they were there, as demonstrated by Nescafé, a pioneering brand in making use of this technique, and Tomorrowland, one of the world's biggest festivals, which broadcast its concerts in 360º.

And you may ask:What can this spherical video bring to my company that a normal camera can't? Well, here are some of the benefits of spherical video:

  1. it helps the brand to seduce the consumer.
  2. it creates a greater experience for the user, which allows us to differentiate ourselves and get ahead of our competition.
  3. its use creates added value.
  4. it appeals more to consumers' emotions.
  5. it allows us to better link brand values, being more visible and closer to the consumer.
  6. experiences will be remembered by all your potential audience.
  7. recording an event in 360º will be more attractive than with a traditional camera.
  8. it generates consumerengagement with the products.

That's why Occam Digital Agency 's goal is to create memorable VR video sequences so that users can immerse themselves in them whenever they want. We also create Virtual Tours with Google Street View (we are a Google Trusted Photographer), perfect for showing your business, iconic places, exhibitions, etc. At Occam we understand and know the potential of virtual reality and the different business possibilities it offers our clients. That's why we help you build your dream, so that you can enjoy it wherever you are.

If you want to know more and give a 360º turn to your brand, visit our website and find outmore about our service.
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