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how to make an effective linkbuilding strategy?

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Linkbuilding is an SEO strategy for positioning a website. Its main objective is to increase the authority of a page by generating links to it. Below, we show you different practices that you can carry out to achieve an effective linkbuilding strategy.

The 8 best linkbuilding strategies

  • Guest Blogging: Most websites have a space where they share content related to their products and services and thus seek to stand out from the rest. The purpose of Guest Blogging is to get high quality articles and links. Therefore, it is important to search by topic, i.e., find out which blogs fit with our daily activity.
    There are tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs or Majestic that allow us to have an approximate view of the authority or popularity of the site. For example, with Semrush you can find several sections, in which you can find a Link Building section. With this tool you can count on Link Building opportunities, which allow you to locate suitable users to work with and track the status of the links.

  • Linkbaiting: This technique is based on attracting links through the creation of high-value content, such as tutorials, solutions to problems, infographics, etc.

  • Social linkbuilding: This strategy includes all the tactics used on social networks to bring traffic to a web page. It is important to know which social networks benefit our company so that there is a great deal of interaction.

  • Deep linking - Another key linkbuilding strategy is to use deep linking for the internal pages of your website with the keywords you want. It is not a good idea to focus all your linkbuilding efforts on your homepage because it will end up being heavy. You should also do it on the other relevant pages of your site. Deep linking will also help the older pages of your website that don't have as many visitors anymore.

  • Create infographics. Infographics are in fashion and they have become a fantastic element to generate links. It is common to see how bloggers use infographics to explain in a simple, clear and visual way a certain topic to their readers. Similarly, one of the great advantages of infographics is that if they are successful they are very viral. Therefore, creating an infographic with embedded code and link becomes one of the most effective linkbuilding strategies nowadays.

  • 404 error pages. Use this page to create links to your website. Take advantage of the 404 error to generate traffic to any page of your website. It works as a backlink. You can get better positioning and have a higher visibility due to this error. It is likely that your website has pages that lead to the 404 error, take advantage of it.

  • Get .edu links. These are the most valued links by Google and one of the linkbuilding techniques that will help you enormously to improve the SEO positioning of your website.

  • Take advantage of email marketing. An email marketing campaign can be a good way to try to get quality backlinks. Sharing links to your content by email with professionals and influencers in your sector is a task that can give you some benefits.

¿Cómo hacer una estrategia de linkbuilding efectiva?

The keys to success for a good linkbuilding strategy

Although following a series of strategies is really beneficial for your business, you should also take into account some keys when implementing them in your company:

  • Opt for quality instead of quantity. When talking about linkbuilding and SEO, it is important to explain that quality is much better than quantity. Therefore, having a large number of links to your website will not bring you results if they are not of value.

  • Look for naturalness: links must be natural and this is something that you must take into account at all times. Anything that is exaggerated or forced is not well seen by search engines.

  • Use links on domains within your theme. Links from sites that have the same theme or pages that talk about topics closely related to the general focus of your blog are much more valid and preferable.

  • Use topic clusters for internal links. An example to understand this point is Topic Clusters, a strategy that serves to classify the pages of a website or blog through a network of internal links. Use it!

  • Don't forget the anchor text. The anchor text is the word that you are going to use as an anchor for users to click on the link you have added. Many people make the mistake of linking to phrases like "click here", and it is something that takes away the relevance of the link. The best way to link to a website is to do it through a keyword, which will give it naturalness and value.

  • Observe the obsolete or wrong media. It is important that if our website has been in operation for years, before continuing with our Linkbuilding strategy to get more links, we make a stop and look at the ones we already have. In this way, we can detect those broken links or those that no longer provide any value, and therefore are hurting us. Ideally, we will remove them immediately.

¿Cómo hacer una estrategia de linkbuilding efectiva?

Having a good linkbuilding strategy is essential to achieve a good positioning in the search results. Also, remember above all to use quality links and not to abuse them.

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