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how to find the perfect Inbound Marketing agency for the IT sector?

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what is an Inbound Marketing agency? What should it offer for the IT sector? How do I know if I am choosing the right one? If you are a company in the technology sector and you are looking to improve your business, you probably have some of these questions on the table. You weigh up the possibilities, ask yourself which options are the best, consider what you need, analyse the options and, finally, you decide.

The relationship of IT companies with marketing

do you know how to choose the best Inbound Marketing agency for your technology company? There are few things companies spend more time on these days than considering best practices, activities to be carried out, customer acquisition, and ways to increase the visibility of their brand. It's a whole series of uncertainties closely related to the practice of marketing.

There are more and more Inbound Marketing agencies working in the market, and their presence is increasing as companies feel the need for them. As a result, the range of choices is gradually becoming wider and wider, and companies in the IT sector are faced with a major dilemma when it comes to deciding which agency to work with. Buying habits and the way of communicating are the two main factors that have led to changes in the market, two factors that have been changed naturally and which lead to difficulties in the dialogue with customers.

do you know what an Inbound Marketing agency is?

In order to define what an Inbound Marketing agency is, we will go step by step, term by term, because in order to know what these words encompass together, it is necessary to know what they mean individually:

  • A company whose function is to provide consultancy services and external support to other companies.
  • Inbound Marketing: Over the years, this term has become increasingly important. The Inbound methodology applied to marketing is a combination of techniques, a strategy based on attracting customers through useful and valuable content at each stage of the buyer's journey (discovery, consideration and decision). Thanks to Inbound Marketing, your company's potential customers are able to find you, in a natural way, because it is about two parts destined to intersect. The most used channels for this are: blogs, search engines and social networks.

We already understand what an agency is, we already understand the meaning of Inbound Marketing. If we put these concepts together, we will be able to come up with a precise definition of the agencies that develop this activity: companies that are dedicated to providing Inbound methodology services to other companies, as well as advising them, in order to attract potential customers through the production of useful content that provides value at each stage of the buyer's journey.

what should an Inbound Marketing agency offer?

Inbound Marketing agencies carry out very diverse activities, but at the same time they focus on a common objective. The characteristics that they should have for companies in the IT sector are:

  • Content production: This is the main asset of the Inbound methodology, the same one that will attract your potential customers.
  • Traffic generation: Inbound Marketing agencies must take into account that there are different ways to help customers drive traffic to your website, for example: web design, content publishing on blogs, social networks, and SEO positioning.
  • Contribute to the creation of sales opportunities. In this function we must separate visitors who have no real interest from those who do. To contribute to sales opportunities, Inbound Marketing agencies often use elements such as: calls to action, landing pages and form creation, and contact management.
  • Demonstrating ROI (return on investment) - analytics that demonstrate your efforts will not only help you improve your activity, but will also allow you to compare the results with the investment made.
  • Email Marketing: The Inbound Marketing agency should make the most of the contact lists through an email marketing strategy to promote upcoming events and exclusive sales, among other things. In the same way, it is recommended that work is done to design and develop these campaigns effectively.
  • Social media strategies should be based on the production of quality content of high value to consumers.
  • Basic and advanced web design and development, which will make a good impression on your customers. Thanks to advanced and responsive web design, navigation can be much easier, as it will allow you to manage content and images, as well as remove pages and store documents.
  • SEO and SEM will allow companies in the IT sector to increase the number of visits and build a better online presence and ranking. Local SEO is also a point to be taken into account in Inbound Marketing agencies, as optimising the website of the technology company will improve its positioning.
  • Branding: The agency must be able to create a corporate identity and design a website that ensures the consistency of your company's image. Each action must be original.
  • Landing pages: The agency must be aware that the design and content used in the landing pages are clear and adapted to what is being offered.
  • Tailor-made programming. Offering personalised web pages adapted to the service offered by the technology companies will allow good results to be achieved.

3 things you should know before choosing an Inbound Marketing agency

The market in which marketing agencies operate is very competitive. Finding the most complete service adapted to our company is a slow but effective process. The environment in which technology companies operate is complex, so Inbound Marketing agencies will have to put their efforts into carrying out a good strategy. To avoid possible problems, before choosing an Inbound Marketing agency it is advisable that you take into account the following aspects:

  • In-depth research: As a company interested in getting the best Inbound Marketing service, you should take the time to carefully analyse their websites, see what services they offer, who their experts are, etc.
  • Reputation among previous clients: the Internet is the showcase for both positive and negative reviews of companies, and there are probably spaces on social networks or forums with opinions on the subject.
  • Budget: The agency must adapt to the economic asset you are willing to invest, so it is recommended to ask for an approximate budget. In this way, companies in the IT sector will have a clear idea.

what professionals are involved in an Inbound Marketing agency?

The teams of professionals in charge of applying the Inbound methodology in agencies are made up of the following business figures:

  • Graphic designers.
  • Web programmers.
  • Content writers.
  • Digital advertising specialists.

When you choose a specific Inbound Marketing agency, remember that it is not only your technology company that has placed its trust in you, but the agency itself will also be betting on your business. Then, you will have become part of the ecosystem of the Inbound methodology, a slow but productive process.

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