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how does marketing work on Twitch?

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Twitch is the trendy platform and as you probably know it is used for streaming, today we tell you how to get the most out of it and how marketing works on this site.

How Twitch works and how to use it for marketing

Twitch has become a very attractive channel for most digital marketing companies because it works in a very simple way. It only consists of someone broadcasting live while making comments and interacting with the audience through chat. In turn, users, in turn, can follow the streamer.

When a streamer has a loyal audience, broadcasts regularly, broadcasts quality content and complies with all the rules and conditions of the platform, they can become a partner or influencer. These are the figures that allow the integration of advertising and marketing actions on Twitch.

¿Cómo funciona el marketing en Twitch?

what types of advertising are there on Twitch?

  • sponsors or partners: Partners, also known as sponsors, are known streamers who already have a loyal and growing audience, have a constant and regular number of weekly broadcasts and stream content that complies with the platform's rules and conditions. Thus, those streamers who meet these three requirements can insert adverts in their videos with a maximum duration of around 8 minutes.
  • Influencer marketing: Influencer marketing refers to streamers with a considerable number of Twitch followers who, without becoming partners, recommend brands or products that may be of interest to their network without the need for an advertisement. To achieve results through an influencer, it is important that they convey closeness and trust and communicate with their fans in a natural way so as not to provoke the opposite effect.
  • Ads in the streamings (pre-roll, mid-roll, end of stream). Pre-roll ads are those that appear before the start of the content that the user wants to see. In general they tend to be short, about 30 seconds maximum. Mid-roll ads appear while the content is being viewed. Remember that this type of ad can be inserted by the partner or sponsor whenever they consider, so if we are still talking about video games, between games can be a good time. Finally, end of stream ads are those that are shown when the content has finished. In this type of ad it is very important to arouse the curiosity of the viewer from the first moment so that they find a reason to stay a little longer and avoid them closing the screen once the content has finished.

¿Cómo funciona el marketing en Twitch?

Main advantages of using Twitch as a digital marketing strategy

  • Low market saturation. Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram are saturated with ads and, nowadays, any brand or company can have advertising content on them. When the amount is so large, users start to ignore and not pay attention to this information, so the ads are no longer effective and useful. Twitch has not reached that level of saturation yet, so you can achieve a greater impact on the public and, at the same time, a lower rejection towards this type of content.
  • Self-service ads: Twitch ads are directly related to the user's interests, as partners or sponsors advertise brands or products directly related to the subject matter they deal with, and influencers show products or services they have used or tested.
  • Great power of interaction. One of the main features of Twitch is the possibility of making live broadcasts, which have a great power of attraction for the vast majority of users, who feel that they are part of an event, an event or a great action. Also, the Twitch platform allows users to interact with each other, which creates a great community, and even with the streamer himself, who can sometimes leave some decisions in the hands of the audience. It is this interaction between participants that makes the platform a success and manages to engage users.
  • Reach a more global and international audience. Twitch allows the internationalisation of audiences, whether they are from America, Europe, Asia, Africa or Oceania, the platform broadcasts all its streams worldwide. It therefore represents a greater audience reach for a marketing strategy.

Examples of brands that have been successful on Twitch

  • Kellogs Krave: Kellogs took the plunge into advertising on Twitch with Signal. The chosen format was pre-roll ads and the campaign was launched in Spain, Italy and France. The ad included a 3D animation of the brand's mascot, "Krave Chocovore", wearing a Twitch sweatshirt. Thus, they managed to integrate the two brands in an effective way.
  • Sims: As a gaming company, Twitch is a great choice for Electronic Arts. To promote its game "The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs", the company partnered with streamer RoryPlays to create a two-hour sponsored live stream. During the stream, RoryPlays tested the game and talked to the audience about its features, and by thanking the brand for sponsoring rides and allowing it to show exclusive content to fans, the stream helped position EA in a positive light among its fans.
  • KFC - Thephrase "winner winner chicken dinner" is a popular phrase among PlayerUnknow BattleGrounds players and streamers, and KFC jumped at the chance to collaborate with streamer Lupo to promote its brand.

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