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Showcase your business through a virtual tour

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You've been working on your project for a long time, you've invested a lot of effort and now what? Now it's time to show the result, and what better way to do it than through one of the best options to show your company and create unique experiences.

discover Google Street View virtual tours and create your own 3D virtual tour!

The power of the virtual tour in business: 12 benefits

It doesn't matter if your business is online or not. If you have a physical establishment, it is common for your potential customers to look for the address to know the exact location. And if you also offer them the possibility of touring your company virtually, it will be explosive, they will feel much more comfortable and they will get to know the company in depth before setting foot in it.

what do you think? Pay attention to the advantages of offering a 3D virtual tour to publicise your business:

  • It will boost the attraction of new users.
  • Users will be able to take the tour from any device, such as computers, tablets or smartphones.
  • It will increase their interest in learning about the products and services you offer.
  • You will differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • It increases the possibility that the public will visit the physical business.
  • You will generate more confidence in the public.
  • Show what the company's space is really like, the characteristics of its facilities and the atmosphere in which it operates.
  • Reduce the fear of the unknown, reassure the audience.
  • You will improve your positioning on the internet and gain online visibility.
  • Users will know exactly where the company is located.
  • They will feel that they have already been to your office, so you will have come a long way.
  • You will increase the chances of closing a sale, as customers value what they see.
  • The user has the freedom to choose the path through which they explore the space, whether to follow the route markers, use an interactive map to visit specific areas, or return to the initial menu when they want to.

Taking a 360° virtual tour of your business is a highly recommended investment. Now that you know the advantages, let's see what else it can be beneficial for.

We all love to see new places, your customers will be no less, and the feeling of presence will grab them from the very first moment.

Using the 3D virtual tour for your marketing and communication strategies

In addition to all the advantages we have told you about, virtual tours can be the perfect tool to enrich your marketing and communication actions and make them encourage user interaction.


  • You can carry out gamification activities that have a positive impact on brand visibility.
  • They allow potential customers to explore the destination before making a booking and quickly grasp the feeling of transparency and authenticity of the brand.
  • They can preview products and services, which will generate more trust and likelihood of making a purchase.

Now may be the best time to go for the virtual tour. Tourism and culture are taking advantage of virtual reality to boost their marketing, visitation and booking strategies. Instead of still photos and 2D images, viewers can immerse themselves in the facilities and move around inside them as if they were actually there. Not to mention the advantages in terms of the hygiene and safety measures required by the Covid-19 situation:

  • Virtual reality reduces unnecessary visits by 40%
  • Companies with virtual tours receive more visitors than those without.
  • Virtual reality solutions are being developed to remotely control who enters and leaves the premises during and after confinement, especially in companies that have implemented teleworking.

Let users move around your facilities at their own pace. Are you going for cutting-edge, fun marketing?

Personalise the 360-degree virtual tour of your business

This tool goes far beyond panoramic photographs. It is immersive, interactive and fully customisable. The perfect storytelling tool for your company. Because you can customise all the navigation elements, from menus, control bars and scroll markers to social media sharing buttons and logo. The best result for your brand image and customer needs.

Multimedia content is the perfect companion to enrich the viewers' experience: videos (both conventional and 360°), audios (ideal for guiding the visit or adding appropriate sounds to the site), 3D elements and web content that is dynamically updated, photographs and image galleries, and texts that include additional information.

would you also like to have a 3D virtual tour? Do you need creative ideas to offer unique experiences to your customers?

Tell us all your questions - at Occam, we want to hear from you.

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