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Build customer loyalty through a 3D virtual tour

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Customer loyalty - a chimera or a reality? Everyone talks about it in blogs, conferences and motivational talks, but few have felt it in the heart of their brands. And yet it exists.

Some companies have managed to make their customers fall in love via satisfaction and emotional enrichment: with promotions, with content offers, with a lot of attention and care. More love and value.

People are not driven by products or services, we are driven by emotions. Therefore, building customer loyalty requires not only knowing your customers, but also knowing what moves and satisfies them on an emotional level. And the same prize does not always work for your entire audience.

This is the moral of market behaviour in recent years. What really influences customer loyalty? Let us tell you in detail what role the 3D virtual tour plays in this process.

Here and now.

Occam Digital Agency: 3D virtual tour in companies

Virtual reality and video have become a major user preference, especially among the new generations (Y, Z.) They are the potential consumers of the future. And that's reason enough for you, as a brand, to focus on the 3D virtual tour.

It doesn't matter if you are a real estate agency, museum, hotel or commercial office. 360º experience has a place for everyone. It is already a fact that the world of virtual reality is conquering new territories. In fact, every day there are more and more sectors that make use of new technology for the marketing of their products and services. Are you thinking of being left behind?

In Occam Digital Agency we have it clear. Our virtual tours give access to the different rooms of the houses, the exteriors, the facilities... so that the potential user has the possibility to understand the promotion in a much more experiential way, from their Smartphone, Tablet, PC or virtual reality device.

For all those people who find it more complicated to understand the plans or simply cannot attend a visit, this is a very simple way to understand the spaces without leaving the sofa. This is because it allows them to immerse themselves in the virtual scene and take tours of it. And better still, to be the protagonist of the journey.

how? With innovative strategies, such as the use of new technologies in the visibility of companies, providing a differentiating character to those brands that bet on them. If you include yourself in the pack, we invite you to continue reading this post.

Virtual reality: key to customer loyalty

In recent months, we have seen how life as we knew it has been turned upside down. We have been forced to live under new forms, even with some restrictions. But at the same time, the digital era has continued to evolve and at last, the long-awaited revolution has been set in motion. A digital and human revolution.

The 3D virtual tour has a lot to do with this, because it has allowed museums to continue with their visits; hotels to show their facilities so that users can book directly; real estate agencies to show every corner of homes for rent or sale... In short, virtual reality has allowed all kinds of sectors to evolve in spite of the circumstances.

Predictions from years ago estimated that 2020 would be the year of virtual reality. 1 in 3 consumers is already a user of this technology. And more than 70% of companies are starting to use it to present their services to their customers, with fun experiences, with graphic representations that allow them to show details and different aesthetics. More visual. And that translates into loyalty.

If you want to build customer loyalty, virtual reality can be a great way to show consumers that they have not made a mistake in placing their trust in you.

  • It offers a unique experience that strengthens the loyalty of the company with consumers, and you know how difficult it is to achieve this in today's market.
  • It allows you to experiment, innovate and interact with the customer.
  • Gamifies the visitprocess.
  • Itincreases trust.
  • It allows users to participate with their favourite brands in a fun way.
  • It eliminates the barriers that currently exist.
  • Creates an interactive experience that not only helps loyalty, but also fosters engagement.

It's not just about selling, it's also about supporting with virtual reality solutions. You'll feel more impact and visibility by offering experiences to help consumers in a hands-on way.

Bring life and emotion to your marketing strategy, from the presentation of your services to the closing of a sale. You are very wrong if you think that this is where the relationship with your customers ends. On the contrary, now is the time to work on customer loyalty.

Concluding the chapter on virtual reality

At Occam, we know that consumers search for businesses, use maps and similar products 44% of the time. And that a virtual tour is twice as likely to generate interest. To do this, we use cutting-edge technology:

  • We know the potential of virtual reality and the business possibilities it brings to companies.
  • We create interactive tours in super high definition thanks to our 360 Freemod module equipped with GoPros Hero 4 Black Edition to capture images in 4K quality.
  • We produce with KOLOR technology for unique and perfect results.
  • We create catalogues and virtual tours in 360 degrees of the highest quality, in accordance with the spaces you offer and the demands of your clients.
  • We offer the possibility of producing 360º virtual tours for your business and integrating them into the Google Indoor Street View platform. The Google business listing is the most visible element of a business when it comes to searches.
  • We use the revolutionary technology of Matterport Spaces to digitise the real world and turn it into a 3D scale model that is totally versatile and navigable.
  • And we produce 360° video. Our goal is to create beautiful VR footage so you can immerse yourself in it whenever and however you want - more real than reality!

And if you need renderings, we produce 3D videos, we design on plan to create realistic three-dimensional spaces.

Expand your sales and reduce distances with Occam

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