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Discord, a new customer acquisition tool?

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Creating marketing strategies on Discord is becoming a very good idea to attract especially young people. With this tool you can easily communicate through voice, video and text channels. Today we tell you how you can get customers with Discord and the advantages of using this instant messaging service. Stay tuned!


what are the benefits of creating a marketing strategy on Discord?

  1. It allows you to work as a team and manage communication efficiently within your organisation, because within the server you can create as many Discord channels as possible and in each of them you can choose the members who participate and give them different roles.
  2. It is a platform that you can use from a mobile device or computer, so any member is always connected, and you can create mentions and reactions within Discord.
  3. You have the opportunity to create a sales channel, so you can always maintain a fluid relationship with your customers, as well as address your collaborators to let them know the situation of the buyer personas.
  4. The unlimited access to the sales channel allows you to know in real time the actions that produce sales, so you can compare the budget you thought beforehand. In this way, you will be able to correct all the mistakes more easily. In the same way, you can create a channel that will serve you as support or a means of technical advice, after the sales process. And you will also have much more information about the thinking of your community, the quality of your products or services and how you can satisfy their needs.
  5. It allows a large number of users. A single server can host up to 500,000 members and up to 50 categories and 500 channels can be created on it. Not all platforms have such extraordinary numbers. Discord's capacity is immense and sufficient for large companies that have to maintain communication with partners, customers and suppliers. Invitation to the servers is done via a sharing link.

Discord ¿nueva herramienta de captación de clientes?

how do you engage customers and create a marketing strategy with Discord?

  • Establish your objectives. As with any marketing strategy, the first thing you need to do is to define the path you are going to follow, i.e. to outline your objectives as a brand. This will allow you to establish more precise techniques, know the costs of implementation, solve problems and correct any deviations. Within this process you also need to select the members who will join the platform, the number of channels and the names of these groups, as well as the roles that each user will play and the invitation to external organisations.
  • Determine your target audience. Onceyou have your objectives, the next step is to determine who to reach, those to whom you will sell your products or services. You should consider different factors such as market segmentation, existence of complementary and supplementary products.
  • Share your server: Having defined your objectives and target audience, the next thing to do is to share your server with your staff, customers and suppliers. Keep in mind that this is essential for you to reach your goal more easily.
  • Provide value on your server. Now, in order for the server's members to be able to work and keep up with the latest news, you must improve the productivity of your server .
  • Create the channels you are going to use. Your Discord marketing strategy should include the creation of channels. Remember that it is a tool to establish communities around your brand. Using its functions, you can create special channels to carry out your loyalty campaigns with current customers.
  • Implement omnichannel marketing. Another feature that stands out in the Discord marketing strategy is that you can use this platform as another channel for customer service. Or you can also use it as a means of communication for doubts and queries.
  • Use bots on the server: Don't forget about bots in your marketing strategy, as these computer programmes are capable of executing certain tasks automatically. In the same way, bear in mind that you can use them to carry out all kinds of functions and activities that can be automated.
  • Make collaborations: Within social media, in general, collaborations with influencers work very well to reach new audiences. Invite other people or experts to be part of your community, express their point of view on a specific topic or educate the members of your channel. This can also work both ways. Get invited to other channels, talk about your channel, invite more people to participate and keep a catchy discourse about your community.

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