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From the Back Office to the App adding value to the business

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have you ever wondered why a back office can improve the internal communication and work of a company? In this post we are going to share with you the reasons why many companies are renewing their back office and why you should also invest in it. Remember that this part of the organisation encompasses the management of administrative processes, customer tracking, human resources management, accounting, etc. Your company's back office should be clean and intuitive to improve the workspace.

Your company's back office must be clean and intuitive to improve the workspace. In the current context, companies are taking advantage of all their resources to reduce costs and make collaborative work possible through applications. This is the case of those companies that are committed to the development of a collaborative management back office for an online booking web application, for example.

Let's see what it is all about.

The value that the back office brings to the business

Imagine for a moment that your company needs to manage invoices, customers, etc. on a daily basis, to manage all the online bookings that are carried out in the company. The objective is to allow and facilitate access to the system for the different participants in the process to be able to interact with each other in an enriching and collaborative way. In this way, the back office will work to create access from a web browser, which will allow:

  • Manage administrative tasks that are essential for the correct functioning of the company.
  • Improve productivity and optimise the resources available to the maximum.

In this way, it also contributes to the interaction between the different users through internal channels, chats, e-mail, etc. Making the leap from the back office to the app will not only add value to the business, but will also facilitate management actions on customers, users and invoices, among others.

In this application, 4 main interlocutors will be defined: administrators, collaborators, partners and customers, and the actions that each of them can carry out will be established. For example: administrators will have access to invoice and collaborator management, collaborators will be able to manage customers, etc. Each interaction between the different actors will be defined and an alert mechanism will be created to remind the corresponding actor that he/she has a series of actions to carry out.

From the back office to the application

The value offered by the back office within companies lies mainly in the priority you can give to your business, in the increase of competitiveness and in the reduction of risks. However, before launching into the development of apps, you must be clear about what you want. Are you going to start your business with an app? Or do you want to improve an existing company with its creation?

In many cases, what happens is that companies bet on applications for the end user and back office for internal staff.

The role of the back office in companies

It includes all those activities that, although they do not directly generate money, are essential for the good running of the company. They need a solid base on which to build, a kind of structure on which they need to rest in order to survive. The back office is responsible for providing this base, as it not only makes collaborative work possible, but is also fundamental in the generation of results and profits.

No commercial department can function effectively without an efficient back office, which allows the areas into which the company is divided to have access to information on orders, documentation, incidents, etc., in order to follow up, verify data, make queries, retrieve information, etc.

In short, the back office can improve all the company's service procedures, reducing its tasks and making communication flow between all departments. The result? A company adapted to ICT and that is up to the demands of the customer. All this, moreover, can be reinforced by the use and development of apps and other systems that allow instant, precise and efficient work. Commitment to quality!

The involvement of the back office with the company's business areas

The success of the back office depends not only on the team that develops it, but also on its involvement with the rest of the company's departments, especially with Operations. It is with this area that it must be 100% aligned, as its activity depends on the majority of its tasks. However, HR is also important, as it must be updated with new incorporations, absences or cancellations that occur. Something similar happens with the Sales department, which needs to know the status of orders, the issuing of collections, payments, etc.

In the end, this whole process will improve customer confidence and satisfaction with the company, and will reflect a more serious, committed and experienced image. Are you ready to improve your processes? Tell us about it.

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