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This is how today's consumers behave

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Don't deny it, we are sure you have asked yourself how consumers behave in today's market. We have also asked ourselves this question.

That's why we are here today to analyse, tell and explain how the consumers who are at the heart of OUR marketplace behave. Their behaviour has to do with why they choose a product or service, when they buy it, where, how and how often. What factors influence their purchasing decision?

Let's dive into the world of consumers to tell you how they are acting. It might give you an impetus for growth. Will you join us?

what' stechnologygot to dowith it?

Possibly more than you might imagine. Its constant evolution has brought with it a world of changes and novelties that almost force us to renew ourselves and our behaviour. We have seen this reflected inconsumer habits, in ways of buying. As a consequence, companies have had to adapt and offer customers a much more personalised and specific attention, as well as an evolution according to tastes and needs. In short, they have transformed their ways of selling.

The arrival of the Internet has opened up a world of possibilities for consumers of any product or service, and companies are no longer the only sources of information for the actors in our society, as was the case a couple of years ago. The Internet has become an open field in which it is possible to find data of all kinds. Forums, specialised blogs, the opinions of other consumers... Everything has an influence when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

how does this phenomenon influence marketing?

From start to finish, of course. All these changes and variations have given rise to a new type of marketing in which the focus is no longer the product but the customer. It is no longer enough to offer consumers basic elements, but it is necessary to go further. To obtain good results, companies have had to bet on new techniques and methodologies, such as Inbound Marketing and video marketing. We are facing a much more demanding consumer. What if we offer them unique experiences?

Video marketing was born as a consequence of this transformation, and companies have found in this tool a safe and effective place from which to show their products and services to the market, an ideal format to share it on the Internet, retain more information in people, a simple place to observe and consume content, enrich the user experience and position themselves in Google. So much so, that some experts say that by 2021, "it will take two full years to see all the videos that will circulate at that time". Video marketing is already part of the main trends of the moment.

Video marketing and the consumer, a perfect relationship

This is what the marketing trends for the coming years point to. As the agency HubSpot points out, "78% of people watch videos online every week and 55% watch them online every day". More than 500 million hours of video are consumed daily by users. Do you think this is a coincidence? We don't. The reasons lie in the fact that internet users have foundvideo to bean ideal place to get information, to watch a certain product or service, to find out about its characteristics, the companies, their teams, what they do?

Customs and consumer habits have changed, and will probably continue to do so over time, but needs will always be present, and today's needs undoubtedly point in one direction: video marketing.

Be the change you want to see in your business.

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