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Challenges and trends in email marketing

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Email marketing remains one of the most versatile tactics for communicating with users and achieving good ROI figures, so knowing the challenges and current market trends is essential to ensure those good results. Stay tuned!

what is email marketing?

Email marketing is a marketing tactic that consists of sending messages by email to attract potential customers or leads. It is a digital marketing tool that allows companies to communicate with potential customers and increase the visibility of the brand or website.

This strategy involves analysing and measuring results, segmenting the target or working on the copy to find out what type of audience you want to reach.

what are the current challenges and trends in email marketing?

  • Voice marketing: Content in the form of voice or audio is a trend in digital marketing campaigns. Offering content that includes audio notes allows us to reach the user in a new way. In addition, there are already voice marketing agencies that are focused on voice marketing.
  • Campaignautomation: The automation of marketing campaigns is an essential tool in email marketing. Send the right message to the right person at the perfect time, without having to configure the emails we send one by one. If you have not yet included automation in your marketing strategies, it is time for you to do so. The cases in which this automation is most introduced in email marketing are as follows:

-Welcome email (when a user registers for the first time).

-Registration confirmation.

-Thank you message for the purchase or download.

-Birthdays and anniversaries.

-Abandoned trolleys.

-Recovery emails (when a user has been inactive for several months).

-Salestech and digital B2B.

  • Mailinglist segmentation: Firstly, you must define who are the inactive users on your mailing list and get rid of them. And secondly, once the mailing list is free of these users, you must move on to the segmentation of the list. This consists of dividing the users of the mailing list into smaller and more specific groups, based on criteria such as interests, geographical area, gender, the buyer's journey they are on... In this way, you can send more relevant and personalised content to users, and consequently improve open rates, click-throughs and conversions.
  • Personalise emails: Personalisation allows you to create more targeted emails that stand out in inboxes, i.e. using everything you know about the user and incorporating it into the content of the email or post.

    Desafíos y tendencias del email marketing  
  • Include CTAs: Calls to action should always be included in the content of your emails. The goal is to get the user to perform an action thanks to your content and make it clear what you expect from them. Calls to action can appear in different ways. It can be in the form of a pop-up window, appear as a button or even as a link that directs the user to a specific site. For example, at the end of each article you can include a link that will take them to the home page of the website. Do not forget that it is important to be creative in the way you offer calls to action. Avoid classics like "Click here" or "Buy now", and offer these tools in a more innovative and original way.
  • Generate interaction: Another trend and another challenge of email marketing is to generate emails where the user can interact with the content as they read it. Within this trend, there is also the concept of gamification, which refers to inserting challenges as a game, so that the customer gets a reward for a small effort.
  • Artificial intelligence: Artificial intelligence is one of the most incipient email marketing trends of 2022. In the case of professional programmes that have already begun to be implemented, these tools allow automatic learning. In addition, it is also possible to apply it to the wording of the email subject, which determines whether the reader opens it or not.
  • Storytelling: The future of email marketing and marketing in general is increasingly linked to the emotion of being part of and discovering a story. Storytelling is a technique based on structuring the content as if it were a narrative, with introduction, development, conflict and denouement.

Desafíos y tendencias del email marketing  

Finally, remember that email marketing is a marketing campaign technique that is not perceived by users or companies. Moreover, it does not go out of fashion, since nowadays email is used by everyone, as it is the gateway to get a job or keep in touch with certain companies. We hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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