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Capture the attention of your users with an explanatory video

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Attracting and enticing are the rules of the game in the heart of any brand, but how to do it in a market saturated with information? If there is one type of content that is catching the attention of marketing teams and consumers, it is video. It generates engagement and arouses emotions in the user. And you know what they say, the heart rules!

Engaging your audience with an explainer video

If you have decided to produce a video and you don't know where to start building it, don't worry. The explainer video is a privileged format because it complements the textual information in audiovisual format, while supporting, explaining, summarising and complementing everything you tell through the written content. Wonderful!

It's a short video that gets to the point and is full of key information to understand a process, a product or whatever you want to say. And it fits very well with animation, making the complex easy: a business idea, the celebration of a corporate event, the characteristics of a product... It has saved a lot of brands from trouble. Think of all those things that cost you more than a breath to tell. Easy with a video explainer.

and why does it easily attract audiences to your website? Because users share it more easily on social networks, websites and blogs, because 70% of your audience prefers the information that comes with a video, and it improves your website's SEO. Plus, you can modify and update it quickly and without investing a lot of money.

Now, you can discover its advantages for yourself.

Motion Graphics, the faithful friend of the explainer video

difficult or heavy communication? Adding video marketing to your strategy is a very wise decision to attract traffic to your website and to accompany your blog posts. Motion Graphics are not a simple animation, they make the difference in explainer videos, corporate videos, websites, social networks, Apps?

It is a design ingredient that makes every experience with your brand intuitive, recognisable and emotional. They will remember it easily, because they will not have experienced another one like it. Animation is a first class tool, it brings dynamism, context and transformation. The great advantage of explainer video is that it can be viewed through online platforms, published on blogs, accompany a newsletter, shared on social networks... It is clear, concise, does not take up too much time and goes straight to the brain.

Animation makes your content enjoyable and is getting a lot of buzz. Some techniques used to engage the audience are: kinetic typography (moving text reinforced by voice), the perfect combination of music, text and design, real image (will create a big impact) and stop-motion (maybe the most engaging technique, it invented cinema).

Remember, an explanatory video with Motion Graphics always requires a clear concept, design, animation and audio.

Top 12 features of the explainer video on your website

To be a memorable brand you need to innovate. You cannot achieve new results using the same techniques as yesterday, because the world, the market, habits and trends EVOLVE. Learn more about the explainer video in the following points:

  • Introduce, explain and promote your brand in a short piece (2-3 minutes).
  • Communicate with style the most complicated and dense information.
  • It tells complex processes with images.
  • Helps reader comprehension, makes the message palatable and highlights valuable information.
  • Saves money (cheaper than an advertising spot).
  • It is easy and quick to consume.
  • The message is engraved in the user's retina and memory almost in its entirety.
  • It is easily shared on social networks or other channels.
  • Its combination of animation, text and audio arouses emotions.
  • They convey a business idea clearly and efficiently.
  • Improves the time spent on a page.
  • Increases the visibility of your brand, SEO will appreciate the integration of video.

if you would like to apply this format but feel a bit lost, feel free to ask us your questions without obligation.

where are you going to publish your explainer video?

It's important to think about this before you launch into production. There are millions of users out there waiting for you to tell them who you are, what you do and what you have to give them in return for their attention. So think carefully about where you are going to share your explainer video and stick with these options:

  • Social networks. convert. priority for the brand. gain visibility. get leads. with video marketing, infographics, valuable content. social networks are a perfect lever to implement all these actions, your audience will be happy to know you a little more through sight and sound.
  • Website: Of course, we couldn't forget your homepage and your Landing Page. The explanatory video will be a great help for the user to advance in their journey.
  • Video channels: A bit of YouTube or Vimeo will do you no harm, it is a great idea to appear in the searches that users do on Google.
  • Posts. The written content you publish on your blog will welcome the video format with open arms. They fit in very well and are the perfect partner to increase traffic.

You will awaken a more interactive user.

how to build your explainer video?

Think about what you do. Can you explain it in 1 minute? To a potential customer? To 100? To thousands? Sure you can, but the important thing is to do it in an original and dynamic way. Convey your idea, gather the information and turn it into an explainer video that connects with your audience. Write a script developing the message, create the storyboard (vital for the video production) and the illustrations you want. Bring the drawings to life. Put the voice-over and the soundtrack. The final touch. The result? Coming out of the oven.

don't know where to start? We're here to help.

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