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The best communication strategies to make your brand known

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Communication strategies are, in a nutshell, actions to achieve set goals or objectives. Today we will tell you about the 9 most important types of strategies. Pay attention!

what are the main types of communication strategies?

  1. launch strategy: This communication strategy is used when you want to introduce a product or service to the market. However, it can also be used before or during the opening of a company. The launch is the opportunity where the first impression is made and that is why the strategy must be very well structured so as not to allow mistakes that could affect the company's image .
  2. trust strategy: The launch strategy puts the company in the spotlight, however, it may not be enough for the customer to have confidence and take the next step. Credibility and trust are two essential tools for companies to communicate their actions and responses when interacting with audiences. For example, many organisations resort to the trust strategy when their image has been damaged .
  3. positioning strategy: Having a company positioned is undoubtedly one of the greatest aspirations in the marketing world, as positioning is the way in which the consumer perceives an organisation and it is expected that the perceived image is as the company puts it. This strategy aims to give the desired image to a corporation by achieving more reach and having an impact on the target audience .
  4. traditional and digital public relations strategy. Public relations is constantly evolving depending on the demands of customers. Therefore, this strategy has to be constantly renewed to adopt new and different techniques that allow you to get better results. They are useful to create visibility, for brand recognition and to strengthen engagement.

Las mejores estrategias de comunicación para dar a conocer tu marca

  1. digital marketing and SEO strategy: SEO positioning is one of the most important resources within a digital strategy, as it provides visibility in search engines easily and, in most cases, free of charge .
  2. social media strategy: Maintaining a presence on social networks under a well-designed strategy strengthens the company's digital leadership, through the dissemination of valuable content linked to the brand and the interests of buyers. This, in turn, generates positive results for the company's objectives. The key to this strategy is to define which social networks to use, and for this you must know where your target audience is and what content attracts their interest the most.
  3. informative content strategy and brand journalism: Brand journalism is a complement to commercial information that is based on the generation of valuable information for a market sector. It allows reaching audiences directly, guiding the target audience with relevant, fresh and current content. This increases positioning and creates a direct action of the consumer with our brand .
  4. social responsibility strategy: A communication strategy focused on social responsibility seeks to improve the visibility of a brand in relation to the initiatives it carries out. Thus, it does not focus on a product line or on branding for its own sake, but establishes a link between a community, global or environmental need and the company.
  5. growth strategy: A growth strategy is necessary when a company is expanding, i.e. a product or service line is considerably increased.

Las mejores estrategias de comunicación para dar a conocer tu marca

how do you create your own communication strategy?

  • Analyse the current situation of your company. Before starting any action, you must know the current situation of your entire company. To do this, you can use a SWOT analysis to find out where your company stands. You can also carry out a PEST analysis to identify external factors that can influence your organisation and which ones are beyond your control .
  • Know the state of your competition. Once you know what your current needs are, you must know how your competition is doing in order to be clear about which path to choose .
  • Determine what your objective is. Once youhave established your company's strengths, weaknesses and opportunities or the area you hope to improve, proceed to define the objectives to be met with your communication strategy. This step will also give you a general sense of the communication principles on which any strategy is based and the key messages that your organisation wants and should convey .
  • Define your target audience: The target audience are those customers who you want to consume your company's product or values. They are the ones you need to reach with your communication strategy .
  • Establish a viable budget. It is important that you delimit the amount of budget allocated to communication strategies. To determine this, you must consider factors such as the size of your company, how useful your organisation is, what needs you detect that your company has, what message you want to transmit, etc
  • Establish the message you want to convey. When a company or business decides to convey a message, it must define the way in which it will be given. This not only influences the tone of the message, but also the personality it wants to project .
  • Select the communication channels that suit your project. There is a wide variety of media through which you can transmit the messages of your communication strategy. The important thing to optimise results and make good investments with the available budget is that you only use the media that best suit your audience .
  • Specify deadlines. A strategy needs to be bounded by deadlines. Setting timeframes for action in your strategy allows you to give a sense of urgency that stimulates effort. It also gives you the opportunity to make adjustments and changes as the plan evolves.
  • Measure and evaluate the results of your strategy. Finally, to facilitate the measurement and evaluation of your results, establish specific metrics to quantify each objective defined within the communication strategies.

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