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what if the Christmas jackpot falls here?

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Tomorrow is the day when everyone, for a few hours, has faith, hope and, why not, a little bit of nervousness. Tomorrow is the day of luck... or not, depending on how you look at it. Tomorrow is 22 December, the day of the Christmas Lottery, also known as the "Gordo de Navidad".

That's why we want to share with you those spots that announce that Christmas is already here and with it the Christmas lottery. What do you think if we take a look at those ads from 2000 to the present day? Let's go ahead.

"Every Christmas, your dreams play the Lottery. May luck be with you!" This was the slogan of the Christmas Lottery campaign in 2000, which featured the well-known and, in part, now a symbol of the Christmas Lottery, "the Lottery Baldy". And what can we say about the melody that accompanies the advert, who hasn't hummed it?

In 2001, under the same slogan, "el Calvo de la Lotería" was accompanied by some little fairies and with the same melody, which also ended up becoming a symbol, a recognised element of the Christmas Lottery.

With the same tone and style comes the 2002 advert, where we see how an adventurous boy does everything he can to bring the Christmas Lottery to his town.

2003 arrives and with it comes the Christmas Lottery spot. This one is still under the same slogan as the previous ones "Every Christmas, your dreams play the Lottery. May luck be with you!" And as in other years, "the Lottery Baldy" and the melody "Interior Student Café" appear . This time the spot is a bit more snowy than usual, but with the same essence of Christmas.

In the 2004 advert, everything follows the same tone and style as the previous ones, but we can also appreciate that it is the first Christmas Lottery advert with full colour scenes, unlike the 2001 advert, where the fairies stand out from the black and white scenes.

In 2005 we see how the advert starts in black and white until a change of style, of colour, takes place. Furthermore, this advert appeals to illusion and solidarity.

The year 2006 arrives and with it many changes in the Christmas Lottery advert. Firstly, the slogan that accompanied the campaigns of the previous five years is now "Christmas Lottery. It's the right thing to do". The second change is that the main character, "the Lottery Baldy" no longer appears and the third change is in the melody, which is no longer the same and also now has a voice-over which narrates what we usually do at Christmas.

With 2007 the changes continue, this time the Christmas Lottery campaign this year is "Lotería de Navidad. La suerte es de todos". In this spot we see how people belonging to different social groups and ideologies appear. This ad invites us to share and to be supportive.

2008, "Lotería de Navidad. El toque humano de la suerte. Anímate". In this campaign they change the slogan again and use many graphic elements in movement, the technologies have advanced. This time the song of the advert is by a singer from the social network Myspace, Lionel Neykov, the song is called "Freeze my Senses".

"Lotería de Navidad - La Nuestra", 2009. A more colourful spot where the emphasis is on society, its values, decisions, customs..., to fight against the crisis. We have to point out that they still use the same voice-over since 2006.

2010 arrives , "Christmas Lottery: Shall we play? With this campaign they invite us to play, that's why some children's characters like Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella... In addition at the end appears a very important symbol and in the lottery game, and main protagonist of the ad, it is the Goddess of Fortune.

doesn't the 2011 campaign remind you a bit of the Harry Potter films? If you dream... Lotteries". This year we are transported to a dream factory, who would own it, right?

In 2012 they continue with the same tone and style of the previous one, same slogan and same message: illusion.

The 2013 campaign arrives and with it comes an advert that no one will forget, it can be said that this advert was a total 360º turn in the Christmas Lottery ads. The slogan of this campaign is "Put your dreams into play" and it featured the presence of several well-known faces from the world of music in Spain, such as: Montserrat Caballé, Raphael, Marta Sánchez, David Bustamente and Niña Pastori. They appear covering the song "Always on my mind" by Elvis Presley. We must say that this ad received a multitude of criticisms, for better or for worse. But in the end that's what advertising seeks, to provoke something in the viewer.

And finally we come to this year's Christmas Lottery spot. A story as tender and emotional as the previous ones. Where Carmina, a retired teacher thinks she has won the Christmas Lottery and how the whole town got involved to make her live that illusion. Again "The greatest prize is to share it". We also have to highlight the experience and interaction that they created through the online part of the campaign.

how have the ads been changing, right? Which is your favourite ad?

And if you don't have a number yet, go, run to your nearest bar, maybe your luck is waiting for you and you'll win tomorrow.

good luck!


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