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do you have an online business? Bring it to life with video

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Capturing, recording, processing, transmitting and reproducing has never been so decisive for the operation of companies. Online businesses. Competitors that are already using it in their content strategy. If your posts are already the kings of marketing strategies, imagine what they would be like when you add the audiovisual ingredient. Because it's not always what you say, but HOW you say it.

content? Better with movement.

Video marketing to bring your online business blog to life

There are trends that go out of fashion when too many people jump on the bandwagon. They lose their exclusive character. Then, we have to innovate, give them another touch, knock on their door. Surely, you are not surprised when you do an internet search and end up immersed in a blog. More and more brands have them, increasing their effectiveness and becoming the stage for the dance of their posts.

Since the Inbound methodology began to gain followers, consumers are much more demanding with the products and services they buy. They don't want just anything. They want you to listen to them, to offer them what they need and when they need it. But in the midst of a revolution marked by content and instantaneousness, companies have found in video a perfect tool to accompany their content.

video is not alone! Video is ideal for explaining the characteristics of a product or service in a few words. To give a voice to your publications. To humanise and increase public trust. To share it on your social networks, on your YouTube channel, on your blog and on other channels. To be seen. To gain visibility. Audiovisual pills have a lot to do for your blog: more real, more relatable.

do you want to increase the duration of visits to your website? Are you thinking of improving your positioning? Do you want to improve the presentation of your offers? Arouse interest? Encourage interactivity?

why does video humanise companies?

Behind your brand are you and your team. People with hearts, with problems, with uncertainties, with worries. Your content is the result of minds that think and feel, and video is capable of giving them a voice and a face. That is why we talk about this tool as the ideal companion to humanise brands. It facilitates the relationship with your audience and allows for a more personalised, more human, closer communication. It awakens emotions and empathises with users.

Because... Out of sight, out of mind.

Greater impact on online business users

how many videos do you come across in your daily life? Advertising, corporate, testimonials, blogs, events... Hundreds of audiovisual pills feed the web we surf every day. We land on an endless amount of audiovisual information that touches us and awakens our interest. And the fact is that contrast and colour can do things to change the world if they are used in a meaningful way.

Consumers of online businesses are caught by the stories that brands tell them in videos. Your emotions are at the surface. Emotional, beautiful, inspiring and permanent in the memory. All that information that moves them is the one that matters. The one that creates memories and finds a place in the long term memory.

We are thinking of the video of the Swiss NGO Pro Infirmis, in which mannequins appeared kissing on the bodies of people with disabilities and were placed in the shop windows of shopping streets in Zurich. Click on this link if you want to rewind it.

With video marketing it is easier to arouse emotions, it is the communication that makes you fall in love.

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