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why are Inbound Marketing Agencies emerging?

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In the midst of the search for an answer, we have come across another question: why did Inbound Marketing arise? Without this methodology, there would not have been agencies specialised in Inbound Marketing, so we want to put it in context. We are going to explain why Inbound Marketing arose and how, as a result of this, the need to create spaces specialised in this area began to be felt.

Origin of Inbound Marketing: searching for an answer

If we look back at the history of the Inbound methodology, it is inevitable to mention Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, co-founders of HubSpot. Together with other professionals, a little over a decade ago, they managed to define, coin and conceive the philosophy of Inbound Marketing as the best way to attract, convert, close and retain potential customers. Isn't it really marvellous?

Brian Halligan y Dharmesh Shah

Time has passed, new business models have emerged, and technologies have revolutionised the business landscape. However, Inbound Marketing has been gaining more and more importance, and there are no excuses that omit the desire to be relevant and useful to our audience. To stay on topic, we are going to tell you about its origin from two different approaches:

  • From the conceptual point of view. We have told you about HubSpot, and that is where the conceptual origin of Inbound lies. The search for new horizons, as well as their experience with Startups and the generation of valuable content, among other things, led Halligan and Dharmesh to coin this term. They realised that this methodology was something that, sooner or later, all companies were going to need. Now, several years later, market research shows that they were right.
  • How do we make people see that 'this' is what they really need, how do we get our potential customers to seethe solution to their problems or needs?

The Internet and the first search engines play an essential role in the birth of Inbound Marketing. Why? Because, prior to their birth, the information we received came from companies. They were the ones who provided you with all the necessary information. They had the power and control. However, with the arrival of the Internet, things changed. We are talking about the 90's.

Perhaps, companies thought that the internet was just another showcase, but they did not see its transcendence coming. Information began to be democratised, as it was the users who took control by searching for information in blogs, social networks, etc.

Nowadays, users have an infinite number of places to look for information, compare and cover their needs, so why would they choose you?

Inbound Marketing Agencies as a result of this methodology

For many, this is a relatively new world. Of course it is. Many companies have not yet been able to cope with and integrate the new ways of selling and buying. However, they feel the need for it as part of their internal structure. Inbound Marketing Agencies emerge as a way to help. They have internalised the basics of the methodology, and have become aware of their transformative and decisive role in market processes.

Companies were not adapting fast enough to consumer habits, and that became more than enough reason to act. Specialised agencies were born as a response to change, so they have been, and continue to be, the most effective way to take companies to the next level. As a result, companies have managed to find their way to self-realisation, in general, and to their potential customers, in particular.

The Internet is the tool of the moment, and you have it in your hands.

It's not what we do, it's how we do it

This statement could very well become a pillar of Inbound Marketing. You may wonder why, and this is how we could define the philosophy of Inbound-focused agencies. They have a mission, that of helping companies to improve their results; they project their vision, as they want to be the source of inspiration for professionals, as well as their main guide; and they show their values, such as honesty, transparency and commitment.

That's why agencies have long chosen passion, initiative, creativity, expertise and commitment to lead companies to their destiny. The market is made up of two parts destined to meet, and you are one of them. Are you ready to find your other half? Potential clients are waiting for you.

change your attitude and let yourself flow!

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