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what can marketers expect in the future?

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This question may sound a bit ambiguous, but the answer is open to everything we can imagine. Every year, thousands of professionals and websites estimate what the marketing trends will be for the coming year. In 2017, 2018 was expected to be full of greater use of video, augmented reality, ephemeral and personalised content through platforms like Snapchat or Instagram, voice search, greater transparency... And so on, until we reach more than 40 new trends. We are almost in the last quarter of the year, a perfect time to take stock of what has been achieved and what hasn't. However, despite its great relevance, today we are not here to tell you what has happened this year, but to estimate what we can expect in the next.

However, despite its great relevance, today we have not come to tell you what has happened during this year, but to estimate what we can expect in the next. Companies are uncertain in the face of constant changes in the market. Knowing how the market is behaving in advance can be an effective tool for successfully facing 2019.

are you ready to dive with us into the basics of future experience?

where is the future of marketing heading?

are you ready for the marketing of the future, how are you going to face it? Few sectors of society evolve as fast as marketing, so it is necessary to be constantly aware of the changes that are taking place in it. Here are 6 trends that some experts are already pointing out for the next two years:

  1. New marketing departments, according to The Guardian: The management of big data, the use of technology and the creation of content will give rise to new sections within marketing agencies.
  1. Marketing will become increasingly visual, just look at the increase in the use of video we told you about earlier. A picture is worth a thousand words, and that seems to be clear to marketers.
  1. More personalisation and segmentation, so demographics, behaviour and interests of our potential customers will be key to launching personalised campaigns.
  1. "TV will be overtaken by digital advertising", as the tumaster blog points out. Based on some predictions by PriceWaterhoueCooper, it is estimated that in 2019 "digital advertising spend will overtake TV for the first time, at $83.89 billion".
  1. Major consumer events such as Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day will become increasingly important, and new such opportunities may even emerge.
  1. Social media usage will continue to grow, as we only need to look at the growth in the level of people using social media over the last year, with around one million new users opening social profiles every day.

According to this data, digital marketing will lead the way for brands, not forgetting the importance of Inbound Marketing as a methodology. These are the effects of change. These are the proofs of evolution!

what should brands do to face these changes?

Of all the possible alternatives, we can sum them up in a single word: adapt. To achieve this, it is necessary to turn to experts in marketing, communication and sales who walk hand in hand with new technologies. The teams of Inbound Marketing agencies are immersed in the latest news, so a consultancy from their hand can help companies to grow and consolidate, providing online strategies.

Specialists with extensive experience in the sector are the best people to guide and guide companies in their objectives. They are able to make the difference between success and failure and help their clients to position themselves in the market from a more competitive perspective. They walk hand in hand with the digital transformation taking into account its relevance for all companies and sectors, regardless of their size.

Consulting can be an important first step to start adapting to the trends of the coming years.

do you want to know our conclusion?

The future has already arrived and is dressed in Inbound Marketing. In this maelstrom of information, technological advances and digital transformation, estimates lead us to act quickly and decisively. Marketing has undergone numerous changes, and the modification in the ways of buying has led companies to transform the way they sell. In 2019 and 2020, the transformation of marketing will evolve towards video, the importance of data, content, etc., but none of this would make sense if companies are not prepared to face it.

To grow or not to grow, that is the question.

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