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what is an adblocker and how does it work?

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Many websites, blogs, companies and brands rely on online advertising on their websites to generate revenue. But many users find these ads annoying and intrusive, so they use adblockers or ad blockers. Using digital advertising is a way to generate revenue, but if you're not careful, it can generate rejection.

Today we'll tell you all about adblockers - read on to find out more!

what is an adblocker?

An adblocker is an extension, programme or plugin that you download and install on your web browser and blocks the display of all advertisements while you browse the internet. This type of extension can be used on computers as well as mobile devices and tablets.

There are different types of ad blockers, each with different functionalities, more or less advanced, so depending on the adblocker you have installed, all advertising will be blocked, only the most intrusive or those related to certain topics. Some of these extensions allow you to select the type of advertising you want to block, and you can even control viruses.

how do Adblockers work?

As you have been able to read, its operation is simple, once you install the extension or plugins in your browser, no matter which one it is, the programme automatically takes care of blocking advertisements while you browse.

Depending on the adblocker you choose, you will have different functionalities, although most of them allow you to select what types of ads you want to block, for example depending on the theme, such as ads for dating sites, gambling or adult sites. The most common thing is that these adblocks prevent the most intrusive ads for users from being displayed on the web.

It is important to bear in mind that some of these extensions can affect the correct functioning, that is to say, on some occasions these blockers do not allow certain content to be displayed, especially images, even if they are not advertisements.

Adblockers are a perfect programme for users, but they are a nuisance for advertisers, because many ads are paid per impression, regardless of whether the message was viewed or reached the user, and they also have a negative click-through rate .

The most popular adblockers

There are many types of ad blockers, here is a list of the most popular ones:

  • Adblock, the best known and most downloaded, with more than 1000 million downloads. It has a fairly high score by users, a 4.5 out of 5, and no wonder, since its installation and operation are simple. You only have to download it in the browser you usually use and it will automatically do its job. It allows the user to choose which advertising to block, but this blocking also affects social networks.
  • adblock Plus may seem like an improved version of the previous one, but it is a different blocker. The main feature that differentiates it from the previous one is that it is an open source tool, which means that it is the community that is responsible for improving the extension.
    The installation and operation is the same as the previous one, since once added to the browser it starts blocking automatically. This adblocker allows you to configure it so that it does not block non-intrusive ads that do not affect usability. It also works on social networks. It stands out from the previous one because it incorporates an antivirus function, stops spam, blocks malware and viruses.
  • adguard Adblocker is one of the newest, so its level of downloads is far behind, but unlike the previous ones it has a higher score of 4.7. It has very similar characteristics to the other two, with the difference of having more options for social network advertising. Another added feature of this blocker is that it has a programme for parental control, as well as antivirus options.
  • adblocker Ultimate: This is considered one of the best blockers, and is compatible with most browsers. The big difference with the rest of the list is that it does not allow browsing history to be saved. The downside of this programme is that it does not allow you to select which types of ads to display, while the previous three do.

Inbound marketing as a solution for advertisers against adblockers

We have already mentioned that ad blockers are perfect and useful for users, as they avoid having to see unwanted advertising, but they are a real headache for advertisers.

This is where Inbound Marketing comes in, as this strategy consists of attracting users by offering them relevant and quality content, in a non-intrusive way and without overloading them with advertising.

Nowadays, consumers are looking for the information they are most interested in, which is why they find daily advertisements annoying, because they interrupt their browsing.

Inbound marketing aims to reach users with content that interests them so that they do not ignore it, which means that brands and companies must make a good segmentation of their audience and know their ideal customer or buyer persona very well. The aim is to create an ad with greater acceptance by the public.

Then the adblockers will lose strength because the user would accept to receive that advertising.

Inbound 2019 ¡Occam ha vuelto con novedades!

You have been able to read throughout the post how adblockers are an ideal programme for users who want to escape from intrusive and irrelevant ads, but they are a very negative element for advertisers.

That's why, if you own a business, have a website or blog, we recommend you to switch to the inbound methodology to fight against adblockers, and make more conscious and quality ads for surfers. Because there is nothing more annoying to a user than an ad that he doesn't want to consume.

we hope you enjoyed this article!

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