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what is a Fanpage?

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A fanpage is a page created especially for companies, brands and even blogs, which brings together people interested in them. It is a page that is created within the Facebook social network and is intended to be a channel of communication between a brand and its fans.

Fanpages are spaces where people who are interested in a specific subject or topic meet. Companies usually use them to inform about news and communicate with the audience, in order to establish a closer relationship. Fans of these pages make queries and leave comments, seeking to get an answer to their doubts.

It is an easy and direct way to interact with the audience and thus establish a fluid communication between the two. These fanpages have gained importance in recent years thanks to the great popularity of social networks.

what is a fanpage for?

Its main objective is to connect a brand or business with its followers. It serves to facilitate communication, which leads to a closer image of your brand. The latter is something highly valued by customers, as they feel closer to your company.

In addition, thanks to these fanpages, the presence on social networks, in this case Facebook, is reinforced and allows you to disseminate news about the company and its products or services through this medium. It allows you to connect with your audience in a simple and quick way.

Among its main features is that it has no limits on the number of followers, users can interact with your publications and you gain visibility thanks to the mentions they make of you. For users to be on your fanpage they only have to "like" your page, once they do so they will receive notifications every time you publish something new.

Facebook is one of the social networks with the most users, therefore, you can get a lot out of a well-managed fanpage and it is also a very effective tool for advertising on the platform.


how to create a fan page?

You already know what a fanpage is and what it is for, now we tell you how you can create one step by step.

First step: create a Facebook profile

In order to create a fanpage you must have a personal profile, because these must be associated. It is important to know that behind this page there must be a real person, on Facebook it is not allowed to create a personal profile for your company.

Once you have your profile you can create as many fanpages as you want.

Second step: Create your fan page

In your personal Facebook account you will find an option to "create" and within this choose the option "pages". Once you select this you must choose a category (company or brand, community or public figure).

Now it's time to customise your fanpage:

  • Profile and cover photo. The photos are the first thing your followers will see, it is the identity of your brand, so they must be of good quality and have the correct size, like almost all social networks, each one has a different size, keep this in mind. The cover photo is just as important as the profile photo, do not choose it lightly.
  • Description: This is an important step, you will need to tell the audience what your page is about, including contact information, location, and the address to your website.
  • Personalise the ULR of the fanpage, a simple name that is easy to search for, avoid symbols and numbers.
  • Segment your audience. In the configuration section you can define who you want to target, so that your page is shown to people who fit your business.
  • Templates: Continuing in the settings, Facebook allows you to choose the template that best suits your brand. Don't worry, because this can be changed to your liking.
  • Notifications: From this section you can activate or deactivate all the notifications you want to receive or not.
  • Messages, chat and Messenger. You will have to choose the way you want your followers to communicate with you. You can choose all the options, just one or as you prefer.
  • Publications: Once you have all the previous steps you can get down to work with the publications. To have a presence on Facebook and to be relevant, you need to publish regularly. In the publications you can play with different formats, using images, videos, graphics, etc.
  • Statistics: Facebook fanpages have their own statistics, you don't need to have a separate application. Look at the data to see if your posts are being liked or not.
  • Link your fanpage to other social networks. If your brand has a presence on other social networks such as Instagram, you can link the two, allowing you to manage your Instagram profile and comments from Facebook.

Now that you know what a fanpage is and how to create one, it's your turn to make the most of this resource.

It's important that once you get started you don't give up. Like most marketing strategies it takes effort, but having a fanpage is a great way to generate engagement and connect with your audience. Keep your page updated with the latest news about your company, your industry, and your products and services.

we hope you've enjoyed reading this and are encouraged to create your own fanpage!

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