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Animated video, the best option for social networks

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The video format alone is already brutal for social networks. It gives them life, rhythm and captures the attention of users in a matter of seconds. It is essential to generate attractive and interactive content on social networks, because it is no longer enough with a pretty picture or a cool design. The user needs something more and the key is to innovate.

do you dare?

animated video on your networks: why?

It's easy to say that this format is wonderful for your social networks, but we want to delve a little deeper into the reasons that make it a vital option for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and other social networks:

    • it tells a short and simple story about an idea, with the help of drawings. It conveys the message without having to film the company's facilities or staff.

        • it is very practical and economical. It attracts the user's attention in a matter of seconds. It is produced much faster than a traditional company video .

      • This video can be part of your social media marketing strategy, which is crucial for your brand. Every brand manager should have animated video on their checklist. And it goes without saying, social media is the perfect channel to find your target audience without much effort. Gain their trust!
      • And if that wasn't enough, several million people consume video content every day. Their brains process visual content around 60,000 times faster than text. Did you know that?

      benefits of incorporating animated video into your social networks

      Video is a format that can be consumed very easily and has endless varieties: testimonials, blogs, streaming, tutorials, cinemagraphs, explanatory, corporate, etc. And if that's not enough, you can also give them an animated touch. The advantages you will get will be the fuel for your social networks:

        • you will improve the visibility of your brand, product or service.
        • you will save costs while the public will be more informed about the product or service you offer

            • easily explain complex processes

              • they are easy to understand, as animation allows to convey any message in a simple and close way.
              • the human eye loves animations (simple and colourful) and feels comfortable and attracted by the simplicity of these images.
              • they are ideal for corporate branding.

              Whatever you imagine, you can make it come true through an animated video for your company. Start with the script (find the idea and write the text), continue with the storyboard (design the story and the characters), the animation (bring the drawings to life) and finish with the post-production (music, effects... The ideal finish).

              tips to remember in social networks


                    Instagram video gives you 60 seconds to take advantage of in both feeds and stories. It launched its IGTV platform (
              instagram TV
                  ) where you can upload videos up to an hour long. Use keywords in your hashtags. You'll notice the results.


                  The size of your videos will be a maximum of 4GB. The duration will be a minimum of 1 second and 240 minutes at most. More than 1500 million users are active every day. Take care of the tabs of your videos. If they have more than 20% of text, you can be penalized.


                  There is a lot of interaction. Looking for immediate response? Then this is the place for you. If you are going to post a video, do it horizontally. You will have up to 140 seconds of duration.


                ideal for uploading your personal videos with a lot of humour, but also for branded content aimed at millennials and centennials

              The left side of your brain loves animation, because it summarises ideas, clarifies graphics and gives you the most useful content with little 'blah, blah, blah'. Animations are human, they touch our emotions, capture our attention and entertain our view.

              need something that sets you apart from the rest? Ask for a dose of ideas and make yourself known with an animated video.

              motion Graphics: the main actor of the animated video

              You have probably heard of this format. It is usually found in explanatory videos, ranging from one to three minutes, at most. It complements the textual information in audiovisual format. It supports, summarises and explains with moving images everything that is told through the text. Motion Graphics are the great friend of the explanatory video. When they come together, they generate a direct, entertaining and illustrative format, with graphic design, sound and animation.

              We all know that one of the best ways to explain something is through conceptual drawings, just as if you were telling it to a child. 2D or 3D animation explains what a product or service is and what it is for in a matter of seconds. It is much cheaper than any advertising spot and attracts your company's potential customer quickly. Animation brings change, context and dynamism, making each experience emotional and recognisable.

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