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The importance of developing an idea, on a technical and functional level

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To innovate is to grow. And growing takes us irremediably to the top. In the world, millions of people have uncountable amounts of ideas in their minds every day. The crossing of some with others generates fantastic alternatives for any aspect of our lives. From the idea is born the reality. That is why today we want to talk to you about the importance of giving shape to ideas, both at a technical and functional level, to transfer them from the mind to materiality.

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The technical and functional level of applications

When we talk about the technical level in the development of a mobile application, we refer to specific aspects such as the operating system, its adaptability to different screens and resolutions, etc. In short, it is that part of the application that is responsible for the procedure and protocols that pursue an effective result in the technological field. To achieve this, it is important to have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities.

On the other hand, the function or functional level, understood from a technological point of view, refers to the representation of all those functions, processes or operations in a given system. Thanks to this model it is possible to determine which are the functions and identify the opportunities of a software project. In short, it is the first phase and it is essential to guarantee the success of an application.

Thanks to the confluence of these two levels, many professionals in the technological world have managed to develop numerous applications. In other words, they have managed to turn ideas into something visible and tangible. Although part of society thinks that the development of a mobile application is done quickly, making applications is not an easy task. For this reason, the ideas, as the basis of this technology, must be very clear.

The professionals in charge of shaping them may be the best people to work in this field, especially because of their specialised knowledge of the two dominant operating systems: Android and iOS.

The importance of developing mobile applications

The importance of developing mobile applications goes far beyond the product itself. It also means giving wings to our imagination, giving shape to our ideas, generating a system to help society in a certain way. Given the number of applications that exist today, creating our own has become an imperative for many companies. However, it is necessary to pay close attention to find a point of differentiation.

To achieve this, more than just an idea is needed: we are talking about the definition of the purposes, the space and time needed for development, the design, etc. In short, many factors must be taken into account when developing an application. From another point of view, thanks to these tools, many companies have seen their brand strengthened, have found a different sales channel and have gained visibility.

Mobile applications therefore serve to facilitate the tasks of a society that interacts and connects on the web incessantly.

A look at the history of mobile applications

The desire for a product that solves a certain problem has been the main trigger for the creation of apps.

Those who dream it can make it happen, and many people and companies around the world have created systems to meet needs or solve problems. But don't think that this is something new, as the first mobile applications that were created in history date back to the 1990s. Their functions were very elementary and the design seemed quite simple, but they marked the beginning of a revolution that is only just beginning today.

The use of mobile phones as the main means of connecting to the network makes them the perfect scenario to manifest this type of system. Their impact has been brutal, and we have no doubt that the commitment of companies to these applications, regardless of their size or sector, is part of the transformation process.

It is implausible to project the creation of a project without a previous idea. The more original and creative, the better. There are no good or bad ideas, it all depends on the ability to shape them.

launch your imagination!

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