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why should I make corporate videos in my business?

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Click on any website that comes to mind.

how many videos did you find? 1? 10? 15?

As you can see, the question in today's headline is no longer whether you should make videos or not, but why, which implies that a step forward has already been taken. Have you realised that we live in an increasingly digitalised society? Do you know what that means? The question is to know and adapt.

Immersed in the age ofaudiovisual information, making an impact on the user has become a common objective among companies.

Today we want to share with you the reasons why video has become an important corporate tool for your business.

will you join us?

what is acorporate video?

Taking into account that a video is a recording and sequence of images and sounds, and that the word corporate refers to a legal entity, such as a company, we can say that the corporate video is "an audiovisual piece focused on the construction of a business perception", as Alonso Abellán points out in Audiovisual, Marketing Online.

why is it apowerful weapon for companies?

There are several reasons why companies decide to make videos. This decision depends on the power, success, commitment and leadership of each one. Whatever the case, the first thing you must be clear about iswho youwant to address andwhat youwant to transmit. Having these two elements clear will make your video as effective as you imagine in your mind.

Although sometimes we may think that a company's only target audience is its potential customers, this is not true. There are also actions aimed at shareholders, employees, the media, investors, suppliers... Without further ado, here are thereasons why brands are increasingly using videos:

  • You want your customer to put a face and voice to you, as you know that this is an important action to increase their trust in the brand. You transmit closeness and, of course, this will be reflected in the customer's behaviour. Creating a transparent climate allows you to attract and build loyalty. Don't forget it.
  • No matter how hard you try, no matter how many texts you write, you feel that something is missing. With images and sound you are able to convey hundreds of things about yourself and your brand that would otherwise be practically impossible.
  • You would like to highlight the strong point of your business. You know that you are different, that something distinguishes you from the competition. That's why video has started to be among your first options to highlight and communicate your values, your strong points, and to put your cards on the table. You are unique, original and singular, and your audience is waiting for you to tell them about it.
  • You have probably asked yourself on more than one occasion how you could awaken more interest in your users. What could you do to decrease the bounce rate. Perhaps, you have started to consider video among your options because it is a tool capable of creating that atmosphere of curiosity you are looking for. Think of a movie trailer. Users, when they watch a creative and interesting video, want to watch it and know more.
  • If you've ever felt that your customers are not understanding your brand as you project it in your mind, maybe it's time to take a step forward. Written text is important, of course, but video can raise the level of understanding. Images and sound allow you to project an image that is not only more creative but also more real. Clarity comes into play at its best.
  • You are not quite sure if your customers know clearly what products and/or services you offer. Moreover, you get too many questions and you are starting to feel that you are not doing well. Once again, audiovisual tools can help you to show, present and explain what you offer, what it is for, how it covers certain needs, how it solves certain problems, etc.

And you, do you think you can take advantage of the audiovisual format from a different point of view, not quite sure if it is possible to do it with your brand?

Don't worry, you can write to us and we'll be happy to help you.

Ahm, and remember that "only action eliminates doubt".

pon un vídeo corporativo en tu vida

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