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did you know...? Video marketing facts that will surprise you

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The world until yesterday was one. Today's world is another. Nobody thought video was so important a couple of years ago. Although we all love it - BA - who would have thought it would bring so many advantages for companies? Seeing it as something strategic has become more modern.

It has been our use of the internet that has boosted consumer preferences for audiovisual content, its potential, its attractiveness and its capacity for retention, for injecting what is relevant into your memory, that have turned it into a brutal marketing tool for companies.

soak up the latest facts about video marketing that we bring you today.

9 facts about video marketing SURPRISE!

If you are not yet part of the audiovisual universe and would like to enter the world of video marketing, take a look at 9 facts that we have collected from Creamos tu Vídeo:

  1. 87% of online marketers generate video content.
  2. Including video in a Landing Page can generate a conversion rate of up to 80% .
  3. Nearly 100% of B2B companies use video in some of their marketing campaigns, and of these, 73% report positive ROI results .
  4. Videos are shared by 92% of users using mobile devices .
  5. It is estimated that one minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words.
  6. 65% of viewers watch more than ¾ of video on their devices.
  7. 55% of people watch online video every day.
  8. Product videos are helpful during the purchase decision process for 90% of users.
  9. 75% of business people admit to consuming video of work-related topics on business websites at least once a week.

anything to add?

Here's how today's consumer relates to video

Between millennials and centennials have come the most revolutionary changes for business. Consumer needs are forcing us to pause and adapt. Key generations on everyone's lips. Numerous. Bold. Demanding. Difficult to convince and retain. Non-conformist. Connected.

They like to watch, browse, gossip about brands and products, compare all purchasing options and look for the best value for money. Generations that prefer short, dynamic, fun, simple and - if you like - surprising content.

how much time do you spend on your mobile phone and do you agree with the PLOS ONE statistics? 5 hours a day?

More than 78% of all content consumed in the online universe is video, a figure that continues to rise like wildfire in 2019. And users who watch a video are more likely to make a purchase online. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are their preferred platforms. These are the video marketing data that accompany us and promise us changes in the attraction of potential customers, in the user experience and in the pull of your brand.

There must be a reason..

why is video the star content?

Because... It attracts. It excites. It understands. It empathises. It goes viral. It informs. It entertains. It communicates. It is shared in a SEEN AND NOT SEEN. It is consumed at a glance. It goes viral almost without you noticing. It leaves you open-mouthed when its storytelling moves you. It tells you a story in a matter of seconds. It pushes you to action. It is TOP for organic positioning. Trust. Credibility. A professional image. Commitment to your clients.

what does your brand need? What did you see in the video?

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