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Nine tips for a good sales strategy

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Developing a good sales strategy is crucial to be able to help the company or business grow and guarantee its survival in the market. Moreover, once you learn how to make a correct strategic sales plan, you can foresee the behaviour of several variables that affect the sales process and control them. Pay attention!

Cinco consejos para crear una buena estrategia de ventas

how to make a sales strategy?

A sales strategy is a system of actions integrated in a plan designed by the commercial organisation in order to sell all its products or services and obtain the highest possible profit. To do so, you can follow the following steps:

  1. make an objective diagnosis of the state of sales in your organisation.
  2. define your buyer persona: A buyer persona is the profile of the ideal customer assumed by a brand. To build this consumer model, the company takes into consideration all relevant information it can gather about its potential customers .
  3. create SMART objectives: Once you know the actual sales situation in your company and the profile of your ideal customer, it is time to formulate the objectives of your sales strategy. Formulating SMART objectives is one of the keys to answering the question: how to make a sales strategy? This methodology also allows you to define specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound objectives.
  4. set a budget for marketing and sales. While learning how to make a sales strategy, you should define a budget for the actions you intend to develop. Likewise, it is important that the budget you define is realistic and effective .
  5. select sales channels. Sales channels can be classified into two main groups: offline sales channels and online sales channels. However, with the rise of digital transformation, new sales strategies prioritise the use of online channels, which are gaining more and more ground in customer preference.
  6. make your strategy known. Once you have your strategy ready, it is time to make it known to everyone in the organisation. You cannot expect employees to implement a strategy that they do not know and do not feel part of.
  7. evaluate and monitor the performance of the sales strategy. The fact thatthe strategy is implemented does not mean that the planning process is over. Measuring the effectiveness of the strategy during its execution allows you to correct it whenever necessary.

Cinco consejos para crear una buena estrategia de ventas

9 tips for creating and improving a good sales strategy

Now that you know how to create a sales strategy, here are 5 tips to help you with the effectiveness of your strategic sales plan.

  • Customer first: Keeping the customer at the centre of attention and giving them absolute priority in your sales strategy is a key that is sure to lead to success .
  • Collaborative working: When it comesto developing a sales strategy, institutional communication should always work, because it ensures integration and efficiency.
  • Training of the sales force: Training develops much-needed skills and can also strengthen the commitment of the employees.
  • Omni-channeling: Omni-channeling is a strategy that distinguishes itself by offering a consistent and integrated experience across all customer communication channels.
  • Determine realistic objectives: Determining realistic objectives for your sales strategies is vital to achieving your goals. This will help you establish a roadmap for actionable execution, stimulate your team without overwhelming them, evaluate your actions against results, correct and iterate.
  • Technology: Understanding how to make a sales strategy means assuming that the sales force must focus on its core function: selling. For this to happen, the support of technology is indispensable. In the same way, adopting a CRM makes it easier for your team to implement a successful sales strategy .
  • Analyse, correct and implement. Analyse the return on investment (ROI) of each of the actions you are carrying out in order to eliminate those that do not provide real value and improve those that can positively impact your sales pipeline.
  • Optimise your expenses: By correcting and changing your sales strategies you get closer and closer to your commercial goal. To know which actions will help you increase your profitability you can analyse benchmarks in your industry andtry and learn from your mistakes by trying new ways of acquiring customers.
  • Increase your productivity. Even if you spend a lot of time optimising your actions, if you don't do the same with your productivity you will certainly struggle to achieve the desired results. To optimise your productivity you can employ state-of-the-art technology by leveraging it through the use of advanced tools. This will allow you to streamline the sales process and reduce friction.

Finally, always remember that the best sales strategies require detailed planning to control all processes and get the best results.

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