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Discover what Motion Graphics is

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Nowadays, thanks to digital animation, we can create the illusion of movement from images. This is what is now known as Motion Graphics, literally translated as "Graphics in motion".

what is Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics is a video format that uses computer-generated animation in both 2D and 3D as its main technique. Images, text and video clips are combined in a dynamic and attractive way, generating a high level of attention in the viewer.

It is not known exactly when and how what we now call Motion Graphics was first created. From 1800 onwards, some presentations can be recognised that could be considered as such, taking into account the technical possibilities of the time.

However, it was not until 1960 that the term was used by one of the fathers of digital animation, John Whitney, who was the creator of the credits for Alfred Hitchcock's film Vertigo, together with the graphic designer Saul Bass, who later set up his own production company, Motion Graphics Inc.

Saul Bass was the great pioneer, creator of digital animations and specialised in film productions. Bass has worked for well-known titles by Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese, among others. At that time it was a term only used by professionals, until designers Trish and Chris Meyer wrote the book Creating Motion Graphics, which made the concept better known. Later they launched the Chris Design studio.

In Spain, it took a few more years to arrive and to make graphic design studios work in several cities of the country.[

Nowadays, Motion Graphics is a very dynamic advertising medium that can be used for corporate business videos, audiovisual post-production, interactive presentations, events, project exhibitions and much more. This is because it is a very modern format that does not require a presenter and allows for easy and quick updating of content.

Motion Graphics gives the opportunity to explain complex concepts in a simple way through the interaction of infographics. It is especially recommended for technical, financial and strategy departments, or for those projects that need periodic revisions or content updates. It is also used in presentations that require a large amount of data, tables or graphs.

At Occam Agencia Digital we create Motion Graphics for you so that you can better reach whoever you want and transmit a message in the most original, dynamic and fun way.

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