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Marketing and web design: your key to success

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Although we may not realise it, the design of all the objects around us has a great influence on us. All the things we own or possess throughout our daily lives, from the moment we open our eyes in the morning until we go to sleep, have been created by man and have therefore undergone a design process.

The importance of web design

One of the fundamental aspects when creating any website or blog is the design, which we must take care of after having defined the information architecture. The reason is that a website is the letter of introduction of a brand, and depending on it, users can get an idea of who the company is, what it does and its degree of professionalism. For this reason, there are already many brands that are committed to optimising their website and offering the best aesthetics together with the best content to make themselves visible to their target audience.

In principle, it depends on the design that we choose one object or another. Of course, this will depend on the tastes and needs of each person, the shoes we wear or the laptop we have bought will go according to our criteria. But what has driven us to acquire it are usually three factors: functionality, design and price. When we have a need, we look for the object that solves our problem, then we think about how we want it (the shape) and finally how much we are willing to pay for it.

To give you an idea, it takes a user 3 seconds to decide whether a website is of interest or not, and this quick decision depends on a well-analysed web design.

This is because the user will feel confident when entering a site that looks professional, in which he can navigate comfortably, quickly and safely, avoiding any problem that prevents him from seeing the content he accessed.

So having a good cover letter is essential to invite potential customers interested in our offer and that they feel more confident with our brand and have it as a reference.

What to take into account for web design

Before talking about web design, it is important to differentiate two processes within web design:

  • On the one hand, there would be web development. This factor has to do with the content or with the possibilities offered by the web. It does not focus on what is visible, but on what adds value to our business process and everything that its functions and features encompass. For example, database applications, e-commerce or content management systems.

  • Web design, on the other hand, can be defined as the visible face of the page. Structure, image and form would be the key elements that this factor takes into account. The main objectives of website design are, broadly speaking, two: good aesthetics and an optimal user experience, all with the sole purpose of communicating something to our user.

At this point, neuromarketing for web design is becoming very important. In any case, achieving a design that works is one of the most complicated points and where the work of professionals who know how to properly think a web space is most required.

Colour is one of the most important aspects that must be taken into account when designing a web page. Colours that have a certain relationship with the theme of the shop or a certain relationship with the products must be used.

The reason is that they should reflect and personify a business, a name or a brand, so that web visitors know what is being talked about, how and who the brand is that communicates it in just a few seconds on the web.

Knowing how to place the elements well has a great effect on visitors. Product categories, using related product modules, images that attract attention and texts that invite the user to make a purchase. All these elements have a great impact on the probability of converting a potential customer into a recurring customer.

Advantages of a good web design

Once we are going to create our marketing strategy it is important to ask ourselves what to offer with a good web development and design and what our brand gains.

In today's web dynamics, user experience is everything, so it will be essential to improve our website so that the experience is as optimal and comfortable as possible for the user. Precisely, all the advances or changes that are made in the design and development have to do with achieving a better usability for the user, apart from a more significant enjoyment.

The experience involves from the moment they enter your page until they leave it, the ease with which they discover things, the coherence they find and how pleasant it can be for them.

In addition to this factor, good web development and design also offer many other advantages and opportunities:

  • Connectivity with social networks: A website correctly interconnected to social networks offers the possibility that all the communication that is issued is more efficient and works with appropriate mechanics so that a greater volume of public receives it.

  • A great SEO boost- search engines reward a properly ordered and well-structured space. To appear at the top of search results, it is important to have a tidy and professional page structure to make it easier for search monitors such as Google to find the pages and offer them to users during searches.

  • It is essential for security- there is a big difference between a well-written code and a buggy one, as it is much easier for a virus to get into the code and destroy your website, so having a good website can help to avoid this type of incident.

  • Adapted to different devices. Many users enter a website from mobile phones, it is important that it is prepared to offer a response in the shortest possible time, as well as being in the right format for this electronic device.

  • A higher conversion rate is achieved, no matter what you are looking for: visits, subscribers or, directly, sales, the number will always be higher with a website that has been created and designed in accordance with our brand and that transmits something to the consumer.

In conclusion, web design is an essential element in any business, as it is responsible for creating the online public face of a brand. It is something to which we must dedicate care and invest time to achieve the best results.

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