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Get started with SEO: 5 free web analytics tools

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you have an online business and you haven't started with SEO yet, what are you waiting for!

In this post you will find the best web analytics tools and they are free! You are already late to start reading.

It is clear how important search engines are nowadays and constantly analyzing the positioning of your website is a good SEO strategy, to check if it is paying off or if it needs improvements. There is a question that thousands of entrepreneurs repeat throughout the day: do I have to spend thousands of euros for a good SEO strategy? The answer is no.

Of course, it's good to invest money and then make a profit, but there are many free options that can also get you on the right track. These tools may not get you to the top of the search engine rankings, but they will help you get your SEO strategy on track. So here are the best free web analysis tools.

5 free web analysis tools to get you started in SEO

1. Ubersuggest

First of all we have Ubersuggest, a very useful tool for SEO campaigns, this tool is able to suggest keyword combinations for free, in a very short time you will get keyword combinations according to the keyword you have entered.

It is very simple and intuitive to use: once you are inside you only have to configure it in your language and enter the keyword or keywords you want. Then a list will appear in the form of a table containing the suggested keywords, the search volume of each one, the cost per click and the competition. You can see more information by hovering the mouse over them, as well as the number of clicks or the annual graph of any of these words in terms of search volume or cost per click.

This tool also provides you with the negative keywords, i.e. all those terms that are not recommended to be used in the article or post.

You can also choose a single keyword so that the list that appears reflects all those results that contain the desired word. All this can be exported in a spreadsheet to analyse it from your computer.

2. Woorank

This is another of the main SEO tools that allows you to complement your marketing plan by doing a personalised monitoring that instantly analyses your website. To do this you only have to add the URL of the site, click on analyse and in a matter of seconds you will see before your eyes the level of optimisation of your website in different fields. On the left you will have a menu with different shortcuts and what will appear in the foreground is the percentage you have of correct aspects, aspects to improve and errors to correct.

Woorank has an option called "Optimise your site", where you can compare your statistics with those of your competitors. Although this tool is completely free, there are different plans to increase your services.

3. Google Search Console

Google has also wanted to innovate with this and adds to its many functions an application to analyse your website for free, it is perfect for beginners who want to optimise their website to make it successful. To start using it is very simple, you just have to log in with your email and register your website, for this you have to verify that this website is yours, since it is not allowed to analyse any website, it is only possible if you are the owner.

This new application from google contains a large number of tools that will visualise your website, pointing out what you need to improve in order to appear in the first search results. This application has numerous functions, with it you can analyse your performance, as well as the errors and security problems that your website may have, it also analyses the traffic it has as well as indicating the websites that are positioning themselves and with which keywords, which allows you to analyse your competitors.

4. Website Grader

This free tool was launched by Hubspot and will not leave you indifferent, just by entering the URL of your website, it will generate a very complete report that will help you to know your social relevance and your commercial effectiveness.

This information will be broken down for you:

  • Within the SEO page: Analysis of internal pages.
  • Off-page SEO: Information about the domain, traffic level..
  • Blog: Analyse the blog and articles
  • Social mediasphere: available links referring to the url
  • Loyalty of readers: by web and social networks
  • Competitive intelligence: data, keywords and summary of ratings.

5. Check My Links

One of the most important things on your website is to make sure your links are working. It's tedious to identify which links are broken or poorly linked, this tool highlights them in red so you can easily differentiate them from the ones that are working.

This function is very important for the reputation of your website, because if a user comes across several empty or broken links, it will create a bad impression of your website.

This tool is free like the rest and its use is not complex, anyone who is starting in SEO and does not have much experience with these applications can use it without problems and carry out the analysis of broken links.

So, I don't have to pay to get started in SEO?

Being able to improve your SEO positioning is not something inaccessible for which you have to pay large amounts, the most important thing to achieve it is to have a good strategy and you can improve and redefine it thanks to the free tools that are within your reach.

By making good use of this information and the different tools and applications you can improve your visibility on Google and increase your chances of reaching the top positions in Google searches.

This may not help you to position yourself in the top positions, because to be successful you have to invest, but it will help you to know where your strategy is limping and you can focus on consolidating it and find ways to improve your organic search.

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