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I am not sure if my leads are qualified, what can I do?

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do you already know what qualified leads are, how can I recognise them, what role do they play in my company?

In truth, there are so many questions we can ask ourselves about leads or sales opportunities that we want to leave the door open for you to let us know any doubts you may have about them. Our aim with this post is to teach you, as well as learn, how to identify whether your leads are qualified or not. We know that it is a question that may be going around in our heads without finding a clear and correct answer. But, relax, there is a way to find out, and we are ready to tell you about it.

do you want to know what it is? Let's get to it!

What are qualified leads?

First, are you clear on what a lead is? Traditionally, it is understood as "the generation of sales opportunities for services and/or products through different techniques". The term qualified adds an appreciation, which makes it optimal. A qualified lead is nothing more and nothing less than a prospect that has been analysed, researched and reviewed by the marketing department, first, and by the sales department, later. You can say that it is ready for the next phase in the sales process.

Now you know what qualified leads are, but what should you rely on to determine that they are qualified leads?

Here's how you can verify that they are qualified leads

Start by checking that they meet each and every one of the necessary and sufficient characteristics to be considered a potential customer. We are not only referring to the aspects of their profile, but to all those found in the purchasing process. Do you know how to do this?

  • Look, observe and analyse the data of a lead or sales opportunity on a timeline. It is important that you visualise the information in a single contact profile, as this will give you a deeper understanding of your sales opportunities. Context counts. Therefore, you should take into account aspects such as: opening emails, visits to the page, downloads of content offers, interaction, etc.
  • Start qualifying your company' s sales opportunities. If you don't know how to do this, you can turn to an agency specialised in Inbound Marketing. However, it is important to generate customised criteria for qualifying these opportunities based on certain characteristics. You may ask why. Well, this is the most direct way to help the sales team by keeping track of them.
  • Segment sales opportunities. To achieve this, you can record all the information about your leads in a single, centralised and perfectly organised database to create lists of contacts. After this point, it will be possible to create forms and establish personalised fields to obtain relevant data. What can it be used for? Among other things, to create adapted and specific content for our leads according to their journey through the funnel.

what other actions can you carry out with your leads?

It may be that obtaining data from a user or visitor is one of your main objectives, but have you stopped to think about what you are going to do next? At this point, you should know that offering them something valuable and useful will be the precise way to give you their data and reach an opportunity to establish contact with them.

Remember that lead acquisition is one of the essential pillars of your Inbound Marketing strategy.

  • Keep track of the behaviour of your leads to determine that they really are qualified leads.
  • Focus on the contacts that are most likely to become customers and be sure of the best time to contact them.

are you ready to do it?

Conclusion: Leads in Inbound Marketing

Leads play an important role in your Inbound Marketing strategy. Remember that if you have already acquired them, you have taken an essential step towards achieving your goals, but this does not mean that everything is done. In this post we have told you how you can get out of doubt if you are not sure about the qualification of your leads. Now, it's your turn.

Don't forget, your sales opportunities need your attention.

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