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how to use Behance portfolio at a professional level?

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The problem for many companies and a lot of users is that they do not understand basic concepts that are the order of the day.

Behance porfolio is one of those terms that came with a goal in mind (to connect professionals in the graphic industry to expand job offers) and ended up becoming a place of reference for the most creative, large agencies and other talented profiles. Don't think we're exaggerating. You're not only going to find great designers, Behance is also for those who are taking their first steps in the artistic world.

do you make finger-licking designs and don't show them? Are you creative and don't know how to use this platform at a professional level?


Behance portfolio: what is it?

World Design Day will be celebrated on 27 April. As with most important things, designers also have their international day. After all, what is design? Just as with difficult concepts - success, love, family - these are words that, in defining them, we end up defining ourselves.

Let those who don't feel part of the wonderful world of creativity cast the first stone, because Behance is not only for designers of ideas, but also for dream entrepreneurs, people who work or study areas related to illustration, photography, video and other audiovisual work. By the way, what's yours?

In short, it is an online platform launched in 2007 for creative professionals to show their portfolios, discover the work of others and expand their network of contacts. The social network specialises in self-promotion and includes consultancy. You will find a list of sites -Served sites- in different categories (fashion, typography, crafts, movement, industrial design, illustration, game design, digital arts, etc.).

"Design should seduce, educate and, most importantly, provoke an emotional response." - April Greiman

I want to use Behance professionally, where do I start?

do you want to make yourself known and don't know how? In a world where digital has become more relevant for companies, it is essential to have all your projects accessible online. Everything we have told you so far is a definition, but underneath there is a world of features and advantages that we want to share with you.

Social networks, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Behance, were-are-will be a boom for all professionals who want to make themselves known. And the great minds have realised that. So much so, that they have launched innovative platforms tailored to the needs of each profile. Behance is a clear example. A social network that will help you boost your online presence to promote your projects.

To get started, all you have to do is create your account. Enter your name, email and password. Verify your email and that's it! You can now use Behance normally. Go to your personal area and fill in the necessary information, this will help you build trust and reputation with those who see your projects. Upload your content, no matter what format it is. And make sure you know your style well so you know how to harmonise the projects you upload.

To sum up:

  1. Create your Adobe ID account, just go to the Behance homepage and click Sign Up.
  2. Upload your content, little by little - what good would an empty profile do? To do this, click on the 'Add Work' button.

On this platform you will find everything from great designers to those who are just starting to create their own brand. Behance is a very well positioned network, it receives thousands of visits every day, which means endless opportunities.

seeing is believing!

Tips for creating a good behance portfolio

And you'll say: yes, but Facebook or Instagram are the most important in the world. You're absolutely right, but there's a big difference with them: Behance is a social network made for a specific niche, where visuals are the most important.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in your own style, your portfolio can be an ideal showcase. Looking for an opportunity to compete? Here are some tips to squeeze the potential out of your Behance profile:

  • Take advantage of updates to improve your positioning.
  • There are very different profiles, recognise which one is yours.
  • Create a good profile to stand out, including a photo, creative area, cover page, links to your professional social networks, experience, articles, interviews, etc. Let it all add up.
  • Before uploading a project, gather these details: title (short and attractive), cover image, anecdotes of the process, different formats (video, image, GIF...) and tags.
  • Remember to socialise if you want to promote your projects: reply to comments, recommend projects and create collections by theme (illustrations, logos, etc.).
  • Use Behance stories to your advantage: Imagine you are working on a new project, why not publish some details of its evolution? They will disappear in 24 hours, as they do on Instagram.

The essential is invisible to the eye. In design, it's not.

Advantages of using Behance portfolio at a professional level

The platform's unique properties instantly grab attention and showcase unique projects effectively, making it a powerful creative tool for users and businesses.

its advantages, as far as we know:

  1. it's free! If you are a professional in the graphic industry, this social network is a good option to create your professional portfolio for free. You don't need to have a subscription with Adobe (at least, so far).
  2. It's professional, so you can also meet other professionals in your sector and expand your network of contacts - get inspiration from the best!
  3. Professional challenges and lots of live tutorials.
  4. Job opportunities: enter your keyword in the search engine and find vacancies that match your profile.
  5. Own community: Another great advantage of the platform is the opportunity to create your own community. Find out what's happening in your niche.
  6. Visibility. Get yourself known? Of course you can, it's an excellent opportunity to show the world what you do.

are you new to Behance porfolio or do you have a profile but don't know how to make the most of it?

Tell us your doubts.

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