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how to increase followers on Instagram?

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Instagram has become in recent years one of the favourite social networks for the population, especially among young people. Also, more and more influencers and companies are making money advertising on it and creating content. And for that reason, much of the population and many startups are wondering what is the most effective way to increase followers on this network to grow and increase visits to their profile.

Buy followers, yes or no?

The tools to buy followers have grown a lot these days, as it is an easy way to increase your number of followers, but do you think they are really effective for your business? We already told you that buying follower packs is not the best marketing strategy for your business.

Think that doing this means buying inactive users with fake profiles or active users that are not from your niche and you must remember that numbers do not guarantee sales or popularity. You need to take into account engagement, conversions, real interest, etc. Therefore, it is preferable that you take into consideration other tips that we are going to give you to increase your followers on Instagram.

¿Cómo incrementar seguidores en Instagram?

The best tips to increase followers on Instagram

  1. Connect your Instagram to other social networks. To spread your profile and increase the number of followers, the first thing you should do is to connect your account to your other social networks. This way, your images can also be seen on other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Learn how to use Hashtags. The proper use of this resource allows users to find your business more easily, as well as allowing you to organise your content by categories within the network.
  3. Encourage yourcontacts to "like", comment and tag the photos you find, always opting for publications that are related to your business or from influential people in the area. A good alternative is to start conversations with users in your own publications, or respond to those who take the time to comment on your photos. This way you show that you are active and that you care about your visitors.
  4. Create an editorial calendar: Organisation is the key to the success of any digital marketing or inbound marketing strategy, so an editorial calendar can save you time and ensure a good distribution of content throughout the year, especially on special dates such as Christmas, Easter or the company's birthday.
  5. Learn from the competition. If you appreciate an original action of your competition you can and should learn from it.
    This type of analysis will be fundamental for you to better understand the public with which your competition deals and that, at some point, may end up becoming yours. Therefore, follow the competition and keep an eye on everything and any interaction on the network. Comments, "likes", publications and differentiated actions need to be monitored all the time so that you are not left behind.
  6. Promote exclusive sweepstakes. Everyonelikes to get free stuff and participate in games or sweepstakes, so one of the simplest ways to get new followers is by running sweepstakes. Also, if you can and you already have a considerable number of followers you can ask them to share your content as one of the steps to win the prize.
  7. Monitor and analyse the results constantly. The analysis of the results is an extremely efficient strategy in any type of digital media. In thesame way, there are several tools that help you in the collection of data from the platform, such as Iconosquare, SimpleMeasured, InstaFollow, Union Metrics or Crowdfire.
  8. Personalise your profile: The space for your Instagram bio can be used by your company in a smart and strategic way. Take advantage of this area to list the main links of your business, prioritising the website, blogs and lastly, social networks such as Facebook, for example.
  9. Find the perfect time for your publications. Time is another fundamental factor that must be considered when publishing any content. It is important to take advantage of peak hours and distribute your publications in a way that maximises viewing opportunities.
  10. Learn to use CTAs in your posts. CTAs, or Call to actions, are those little calls to action that we place at the end of a content, inviting the reader to perform some action. Consider the possibility of a CTA with a link to other social networks .
  11. Use gifs in Instagram Stories. First came the polls, which allowed more interaction with the public and were quite useful for testing hypotheses about followers. Now with GIFs, make your stories more fun and active. Just don't abuse them.

¿Cómo incrementar seguidores en Instagram?

We hope our tips can help you gain a loyal following, but keep in mind that the most important thing is to communicate and maintain a transparent image.

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