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how to create a BOT for Whatsapp?

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Bots are computer programmes that simulate human behaviour, interact with users or other applications and fulfil a specific objective by means of algorithms. Today we tell you how you can create them and what tools you should use. You can't miss it!

what is a WhatsApp bot?

A WhatsApp bot is an artificial intelligence software that identifies messages from users and, based on its programming, provides a timely response. It maintains several simulated conversations at the same time. It is used by businesses looking to provide a more personalised and much more immediate service.

In addition, they work 24 hours a day, all week long. It is very practical for a brand's prospects who want to clarify doubts or know some details to communicate in this way whenever and wherever they want. Also, the automatic response capacity of a WhatsApp bot will help you to retain customers in a significant way.

how does a chatbot work?

A chatbot works according to three language principles, which are programmed in advance according to the degree of specialisation:

-Natural language processing

-Natural language understanding

-Natural language generation

In these three principles, natural language is understood as the human ability to express oneself orally and in writing in a language for the purpose of communicating an idea to another person. Any chatbot replicates these processes in order to understand and respond naturally through artificial intelligence (which refines the way they communicate). Although not all chatbots have the same degree of dynamism and language flexibility, the engineering behind the applications is constantly improving.

¿Cómo crear un BOT para Whatsapp?

6 tools to make a bot for WhatsApp

Here are 6 of the best tools for making a good WhatsApp bot:

  1. aivo - Aivo 's simple design options make your decision tree easier to follow and nurture. You can teach the bot to find the best answers from the ones you've included and the ones it accumulates from the interactions it's had. You can also include GIFs in chats, which makes it a more enjoyable assistant.

  2. botsLovers: This tool was created in Spain, so you can trust that language will not be a barrier when using the application. BotsLovers does not only make bots for WhatsApp; its interest has always been to create assistants for the web and all possible applications. The intention is that you have a single space to manage all your channels. It also includes analytics, such as sentiment and conversions, among other KPIs that can be useful for measuring performance.

  3. botsociety: If you prefer to create a sample of what your bot could be before integrating it into your service chat, Botsociety allows you to create a model of your WhatsApp channel before putting it into operation. This way you can make the necessary modifications until you find the solution you need. Thanks to its very simple interface (drag and drop), the company ensures that you only need four clicks to create a decision tree, which you can also test in real time with real demographics.

¿Cómo crear un BOT para Whatsapp?

  1. messenger People is designed for all types of companies with a user-friendly interface for configuration and use. In addition to being a powerful tool for WhatsApp, it also works with other messaging platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Apple Business Chat, Telegram, Viber or Notify. Messenger People takes care of saving conversations and the most relevant characteristics of users to strengthen the relationship with the customer in the long term. You do not need to know programming and you can monitor all conversations from one place. It also has a ticket allocation system in case one of your customers needs to communicate with one of your executives.

  2. aTOM is a good option if you need a WhatsApp bot with voice recognition. This tool offers analytics, multichannel communication, live chat and improved customer acquisition and sales closure. Its interface is in Spanish and it offers solutions for different industries: retail, telecommunications, banking and many more.

  3. autoResponder for WA. This option is ideal for testing a bot in your WhatsApp chat. It is a free app that is very easy to set up, although the bad news is that it is only available for Android. For iPhone there is the option to use the features that WhatsApp Business currently offers, such as welcome messages, saved responses (like those that also exist in Facebook Messenger, to provide faster the information you are usually asked for) and automatic responses, in case you are not available at that moment.

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