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does digital transformation influence Inbound Marketing?

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Digital transformation is not the introduction of digital techniques in companies, such as social media presence. It is not a mere sign of disruption. To eradicate this thinking in the business world, we need to demystify the perverse belief that transformation is about making superficial changes. Technology companies need something more, that's why we want to share with you how digital transformation influences Inbound Marketing.

let's not waste any more time!

Digital transformation in Inbound Marketing in the it sector

Among the digital torrent of headlines about structural changes in the core of companies that starred last year 2017, one particularly captivating one stood out. It said something like "Beware of the preachers of digital transformation", and although it seemed very simple, it was the basis of my reflection. If there is something that should be clear in companies, in general, and in technology companies, in particular, is that digital transformation is not done with technology, but with people.

The marketing departments of companies have been noticing the need for a transformative change, so much so that they have already begun to leave aside traditional methods to adapt to the strategies demanded by the market. We are talking about Inbound Marketing, a method that has been born from the hand of digital transformation and that is only capable of being achieved by those who are willing to face the challenge, the change and the risk involved.

The Inbound methodology is implicit in innovation and opportunity, and has become the basis that supports the wave of change to explore new ways to better connect with a new consumer profile. Precisely for this reason, Inbound Marketing is a perfect tool to face the process of disruption in companies in the IT sector.

Inbound Marketing: the driving force for technology companies

Companies need to join the movement. They want to attract potential customers, generate sales opportunities, interact with users, raise awareness of their brand, generate quality content that provides value to a target audience, and make their customers true promoters of their brand. And there is only one way to achieve this.

social-media-2328745_1920The Inbond methodology is currently the driving force that pushes organisations forward, because if they want to survive in the digital world, then they cannot disconnect themselves from the movement that drives the rest of the company towards it. The question we ask ourselves today, and that you should also ask yourselves, is: "is my company ready to face the immediate future?

We warn you that the ways of selling are changing precisely because the ways of buying have also changed.

The decision is yours alone.

a consequence of digital transformation?

Today we want to ask you if you think that Inbound Marketing has come about as a consequence of the digital transformation of companies. You probably already have an answer to this question, or perhaps you have never asked it. Whatever your situation, we want to tell you something.

Inbound Marketing in technology companies has been influenced by a large number of technological and digital concepts that come from the current digital transformation. These are a consequence of change, because who has ever heard of 'social', 'mobile', 'cloud', and 'data' before?

The relationship between Inbound Marketing and the digital transformation of companies cannot be overlooked, as it is of great importance for both processes:

  • Customer experience, which influences customer behaviour.
  • Website, which serves as a showcase for information about the company's products and services.
  • Content management, through content marketing strategies capable of providing unparalleled value.
  • Multimedia and multichannel functions, which must be integrated with the customer experience itself. Companies can analyse the buyer journey to best adapt to the needs of potential customers. Don't forget that the basis of multichannel is interconnection.

So we leave it up to you to choose the answer to the question we posed at the beginning of this section. Determining whether the Inbound methodology is a consequence of digital transformation or not is a decision to be analysed, because, as we have already seen, sometimes it is simply a matter of sharing functions. What both processes have shown is that they are closely related. They influence companies in a decisive way, and they have become the two paths to growth today.

Inbound marketing gives you the opportunity to attract your customers and to lead them where you want them to go. Taking advantage of the path of digital transformation can be a good way to achieve this.

And you, what do you think about it?

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