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Google Ads courses not to be missed

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Google Ads is a very powerful online advertising tool and today we are going to tell you about some of its most useful courses, so stay tuned!

The best 6 Google Ads courses

  1. google Ads from 0. This course allows you to go from 0 to an advanced knowledge of Google Ads in just 3 hours.
  2. introduction to SEM. This course teaches you how to get around the Google Ads dashboard and create your first campaigns, as well as some optimisation and remarketing strategies.
  3. create your first campaign step by step with Google Ads. This course focuses on explaining how it works and teaching you how to create your first campaign.
  4. google Ads techniques from basic to advanced with Google AdWords. This really useful course teaches you not only how to create your campaigns, but also how to optimise them, how to use keywords correctly, how to create reports based on the results, etc.
  5. google Ads for Affiliate Marketing: This course is more specific than the previous ones we have told you about, because it focuses on teaching you Google Ads applied to affiliate marketing. Therefore, it is not a course you should do if your plan is to work with clients or agencies, but it is essential if you want to make money with Google Ads on your own.
  6. google Ads and Facebook Ads from scratch: This course allows you to learn the basics of Google Ads, but, in addition, it also allows you to learn about Facebook Ads. In this sense, it is not a particularly recommended course if you are only interested in Google Ads, but, if you want to learn internet advertising in general, it is a very good option, because it allows you to lay the foundations for the two largest online advertising platforms.

Los cursos de Google Ads que no te puedes perder

what are the advantages of using the Google Ads platform?

  • Spending control: The first advantage we have is that we have control over our spending, i.e. we can define a budget, for example, we budget x amount of money per month and we will never go over that budget, so we can define very well what ROI we need.
  • Pay per click, we will only pay for each click that the user makes on the ad, this will prevent us from having losses or impacts that are not going to be profitable at all.
  • It is measurable. We can link our Google Adwords account with Google Analytics to mix and filter this data, but we will also have very interesting data simply by using the Adwords platform. It will show us the number of ads displayed on the website, number of impacts, clicks, etc. We will always be able to assess whether our investment is good, and if we are working for third parties we can demonstrate whether our management has been effective, it helps us to make decisions to vary the strategy.
  • Segmentation: As we have already mentioned, we can segment the market very well and define the times when these adverts are going to be published. Likewise, we can configure that they are not published at weekends or after nine o'clock at night, etc. If we have international campaigns, we can segment countries by times and publish them at the ideal time for each country. We will then always be able to advertise at the times that really suit the campaign we are carrying out.
  • Quick reaction: We can act much more quickly if we detect that one or more campaigns are not working, we can stop, vary, change timetables, etc. We will also have specific tools provided by Google Adwords where we will make an estimate of the clicks and the impact of campaigns based on the keywords and the segmentation settings that we have given them.

Los cursos de Google Ads que no te puedes perder

Disadvantages of Google Adwords

  • Control from the beginning: If we let the platform make decisions for us, it is easy for the budget to shoot up or for us not to achieve the expected results. This control is necessary above all in the primary phases of the campaign and even more so if we still do not know which keywords to use. We must be on top of things, making decisions and adapting the Google Adwords specifications to the results we want to obtain.
  • Sectors with a lot of competition. Another element to bear in mind is that there are sectors in which we will be able to work without too much problem and others in which there is a lot of competition. For example, the travel sector is a sector in which we have a lot of competition and one of the determining factors of Google Adwords is the bid on the cost per click. Remember that if our ads appear on the second or third page of Google results, it is most likely that nobody will click on them.

We hope that the courses we have given you have been useful and that you have also evaluated the advantages and disadvantages to make the decision to use or not to use Google Ads.

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