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How to achieve better performance in our mobile applications

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what does performance mean to you, how do you measure it in your mobile apps, and are you thinking of improving it?

Thriving is a goal that accompanies us every day in everything we do, but very few have the capacity to work on it effectively. The world of apps is innovative, complex and promising, but how many of you have thought about improving their performance?

In this post we want to share with you the importance of doing so. Are you ready to join us?

Analysing application performance

It seems that websites and applications are the main scenario for companies to showcase their products and services. Meeting users' expectations is a task whose performance thresholds "must comply with the established Service Level Agreements (SLAs)".

To check that this is the case, and to avoid any kind of problem in our application, it is important to carry out a proper analysis. All companies seek to offer quality of service, but this sometimes suffers. In any case, failures must be analysed and corrected. The consequences of not doing so could lead to a bad image for the company and frustration for the user.

However, the task of analysis and identification can become complex if we do not turn to professional experts in application development. Today's information systems, made up of a great technological diversity (operating systems, codes, servers, databases, etc.) must be analysed by experts in the field.

This is the only way to correct errors and improve the performance of our application in a systematic and organised way. What are the causes? Are you making the necessary revisions? No more questions, no more uncertainty, opt for an audit of your applications and get out of doubts.

Achieving higher performance, a priority objective for companies

All we need is a bit of time. Time to improve and time to invest in the technical aspects of our applications. Improving performance can be a matter of one or many. Some companies focus on the visual aspect, but others focus on the more technical side. It all depends.

In any case, one of the first alternatives that companies look for, but not the best, is to download other applications to solve the performance problem. However, before we empathise with these, we want you to bear one thing in mind. The way to solve bugs is not as adapted to the use of applications as it is to turn to experts.

Only they will be able to perform "quick and targeted rescue actions to detect the cause of the performance problem as early as possible", correct it and follow up preventively, as the Ingenia web portal states. Don't forget that Android has its own capabilities, and that there are no miracle applications capable of overcoming those of the mobile phone itself.

Reflecting a widespread fact

Many people and companies search for solutions on the Internet, typing in search engines to find an effective solution that usually comes from other applications. Proof of this is the variety of headlines that are published almost daily about this type of phenomena. The following are examples:

We could go on extending the list, but we just want to reflect the phenomenon of mobile applications in our society.

Are you one of those who solve your problems with technology, or do you prefer the fusion between technology and human beings?

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