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Famous examples of cinemagraphs

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how many things pass in front of our eyes and we are unable to see? Behind every photograph, video or any other audiovisual format, there is a brand, a goal, a feeling. Cinemagraphs, to put it simply, are nothing more than images or photographs combined with a video that can be very attractive to the eye of the viewer. That is why many brands use them in their digital marketing strategies. You see them more often than you think, and if not, check it out with us in this post.

Are you ready?

6 examples of cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are widely used by companies as part of their communication strategies on social networks, taking advantage of the fact that visual content has a 70% higher organic reach than any text. They combine two worlds that work perfectly: images and videos. And below, we are going to show you some examples of their use that you have probably come across at some point:

  1. Pizza Hut TV commercial.

  2. Scenes from the popular Netflix series Stranger Things.

  3. Starbucks Coffee commercial.

  4. Heineken TV advert, with the message 'It's time to champion the match'.

  5. BBVA advertisement, with water in motion.

  6. Videoclip of the singer Carlos Sadness in his song 'El día que volviste a La Tierra'.

However, these are only 6 examples of the thousands that you can find every day on digital platforms, TV channels or anywhere else. Some well-known tools for their creation are: Flapix, Pixel Motion, LoopWall and Zeotropic. Click on this link if you want to know more about them.

why should you consider cinemagraphs in your digital strategy?

We have all come across moving pictures on social media. Many of them are not even videos, because part of the image is static. Cinemagraphs are a new style of images that are booming. We owe it to their creators, Kevin Burg and Jaime Beck, an artist and a photographer who pioneered and innovated in the world of photography and video.

This new format has a very important place in the digital environment. What at first was part of Twitter and Tumblr, has gradually spread to other networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Big brands such as Coca-Cola have made their way into the world of cinemagraphs with new models of advertising strategy. They defined it as "something more than a photograph but less than a film".

You too should use this format as part of your social media content strategy for a number of reasons:

  • They are attractive to the user and help them to better understand the message and retain it in their memory.
  • They are easily shared and can reach a multitude of people.
  • The viewer can be fully immersed in the photograph.
  • They capture the user'sattention instantly.

do you need to improve your graphic strategy in social networks? Tell us about it, we are listening.

Advantages of using cinemagraphs in your communication strategy

You only need to take into account 4 things to edit a perfect cinemagraph:

  1. The idea: What do you want to communicate?
  2. A video camera. Remember that the image is structured around a video.
  3. A tripod. The camera should be as still as possible to get a quality result.
  4. An editor programme. Photoshop can be a great option to convert the video into a simpler format, such as a cinemagraph or animated GIF.

If you don't have all the elements, don't worry. You can consult professionals from agencies specialised in audiovisual production to create the perfect graphic content for your communication strategy. The advantages can be brutal:

  • Content perfectly adapted to the rest of your brand's strategy, as well as its values.
  • It improves the comprehension of the message, as it shows the activity of the object you want to highlight in the image as a whole.
  • It is compatible with all mobile devices and browsers, adapting perfectly to responsive design.
  • It replaces any visual effect that can be done in a complex way.
  • Itcreates visual value for your communication strategy and shows a more modern, renewed and creative image of the company.
  • Increases consumer empathy and appeals to their emotions.
  • Itadds value to the brand and increases the feeling of loyalty.

In short, cinemagraphs are a perfect marketing technique to attract the audience's attention to a part of the product, which is usually the part that appears to be moving. They have shown very good results in sectors such as tourism, automotive and fashion, but they can work wonders with any brand.

if you want to know how to apply them to your brand, ask us without obligation, we will help you to find out which cinemagraphs are best suited to your products and in which channels to use them optimally.

Some conclusions about the use of cinemagraphs in marketing

Although for many users the cinemagraph is simply a GIF, it is much more than that. The contrast produced by the static and moving image allows the user's eyes to go to the cinemagraph on their own, no matter how many elements there are in the piece. This engagement adds value to companies, especially at a time when attracting the user's attention has become a difficult task due to the saturation of content.

We can talk about a real hit with great success among regular users of Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook. Although these productions seem a relatively new format, they already started to be used in 2011 for the advertising of well-known brands. For example, their creators launched them at New York Fashion Week that year. What has movement, is interesting.

In addition to social networks, moving images are also vital for the header of a website, in product presentations (depending on the product and sector), in blogs... Take care of them, use them professionally, squeeze all their potential and remember this: less is more. It is not necessary to saturate the page with movement.

A well-crafted cinemagraph can be more memorable than any word, gesture or relationship.

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