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Drone recording of events, what do I need to consider?

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I want to film a different event to break with the classics, but I don't have a drone.

Dear friend, you can't have everything in life, but you must have the attitude and the initiative, which is the most important thing. If you've made it this far it's because you don't lack guts, so you've already gained a lot of ground.

What is happening with the corporate image of most brands is that it has boosted their visibility, creativity and value thanks to drone filming, not only of events, but also of work processes, facilities, among an infinite sea of options.

are you looking for an audiovisual agency specialised in recording events with drones? Do you need a different point of view with which to squeeze the maximum value out of your events?

Tell me what you film with and I'll tell you who you are.

Occam Digital Agency: we tell your event on video

Presenting your latest success story on video, the launch of a new product or the anniversary of your company is nothing new. What's really impressive is to do it with the perspectives and camera shots offered by a drone. In other words, drone filming, from the most basic to the most complex.

Recordings to fall in love with:

  • Dolly inn. It can be used for an infinite number of things, it moves up and down without moving on any other axis.
  • Dolly out: To show things that are behind.
  • Zenithal: Drones are the only ones that allow us to obtain this movement as it is, for example, to travel along a street from a height.
  • Lateral: This is used to show a wider area.

Often, everyone uses the same camera movements and does not take advantage of the full potential of drone filming. At Occam, we don't want this to be the case. We are an agency specialising in audiovisual production, leaders in creating corporate videos for companies.

We are excited to evolve at the pace of technology, update our tools and acquire new knowledge to meet the needs of brands and achieve the best results in video.

We know there's always a special reason for an event, so we believe it's important to capture every detail, with near-impossible shots, retina-grabbing stills and skin-tingling animations. Because drone filming works.

make your brand values resonate with your audience!

12 tips for drone event filming

Learn how to get the best shots in the world and turn them into a powerful video.

The inauguration of a new business, a meeting of suppliers, a meeting with your community of users, a promotional action, a flashmob... What doesn't communicate, doesn't exist.

When you start filming a video event, it is essential that your message is received correctly. This means that it can be seen with quality, in its entirety, understanding the idea and right to the end. An incomplete reception with a confusing message causes many people to close the video in the first few seconds. For this reason, and so that this type of error does not occur in your video event, we present a series of tips to keep in mind.

If you are going to record them yourself..

  • Choose your drone wisely. What do you want it for?
  • Learn how to fly it. Spend time with it.
  • Prepare the equipment. Where, how and when are you going to film?
  • Learn the rules. Comply with European Regulations RE 2019/947 and RD 2019/945.
  • Optimise the camera and adjust the drone. Adapt the equipment to the circumstances.
  • Don't film facing the sun- dawn and dusk are ideal times for drone filming.
  • Prepare the script and make the best use of all available resources.
  • Take care of the beginning and the end of the recording. Record a little more before you start and after you finish.

Now, you have everything you need to start creating your aerial videos, but if you want to hire a specialist, you'd better look at: Specialisation:

  • Specialisation: Check if they are a specialist in audiovisual production.
  • Track record: Make sure they have the knowledge and experience to record events.
  • Equipment: Check their experience in drone recording, as well as the availability of the vehicle.
  • Professionalism. Check that they are a team with a high professional ethic in audiovisual production.

Let your imagination run wild and think about what you would like your next drone video event to be like.

Get to know the conclusions about event filming with drones

Thanks to our team and tools, we offer drone recording, high professional quality and tools to get different types of shots. When we finish the recording, we produce all the necessary material to present the event.

  • It allows us to obtain unique and original images.
  • Obtain very different and varied aerial shots.
  • It uses safe and silent technology.
  • It achieves higher cinematographic quality.
  • It has a great versatility.
  • It obtains a higher level of detail.
  • Allows for the latest technology in event filming.
  • Encourages interaction with event guests.
  • Reduces costs, as drones are very affordable.

We record, edit and help you to broadcast the events through the network so that they reach wherever you want them to. Capturing a business event is not always an easy task, so it is advisable that they are filmed by professionals in the audiovisual sector. They know how to optimise audiovisual resources to the maximum.

are you clear about the type of video you want? What is the main idea and the audience you are targeting? Through which media are you going to broadcast them?

we are waiting for you to fly, see and feel!

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