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do I do my own Inbound Marketing strategy or do I find an agency?

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good question! Maybe this is the dilemma that is currently on your mind. Considering the change that customers have undergone in their consumer habits, we are not surprised. Therefore, the intention of this post is to tell you where the difference lies between carrying out your own strategy or using a specialised agency.

We know that deciding is not easy, but we have the opportunity to put this right into practice. That is to say, no one is imposing on us that we should bet on an agency or that we should carry out our Inbound Marketing strategy ourselves. That is why we want to show you how both options work. Remember that every decision involves a responsibility.

At Occam Digital Agency we tell you about it, but it's up to you to decide.

Start by asking yourself these questions

  • what does my company need to tackle an Inbound Marketing strategy?
  • can my marketing department manage the strategy I have in mind?
  • do you know the latest marketing trends?
  • does my company have enough staff to implement the strategy?
  • does my marketing department have the necessary resources?
  • does my department have the necessary skills, abilities and knowledge?

Your decision will largely depend on the answer you get to these questions. Think, shuffle and analyse all the questions. If you can think of others, perfect. However, what should you ask yourself if your decision leans towards the option of specialised Inbound Marketing agencies? Start by asking yourself:

  • what can a specialised agency offer me?
  • what does the agency have that my marketing department doesn't have?
  • what experience does it have in implementing this type of strategy?
  • how can it help me?
  • have you dealt with clients in my sector, what has your experience been like?
  • what techniques do they use?

If you do your own strategy vs. if you opt for an agency

You make your own strategy

The strategy is done by an agency


  • You are in control from start to finish
  • You don't have to chase anyone
  • You take the actions whenever you want, whenever you feel it is convenient and timely
  • Results are accelerated
  • They have the staff and skills to do all the tasks required for the strategy
  • The agency takes care of the whole process
  • Greater efficiency and scalability due to size, structure and talent
  • Increased number of perspectives and ideas
  • Have the resources to generate a large amount of content
  • Experienced in Inbound Marketing strategies and probably with other companies in your industry
  • Individualised treatment


  • More of your own time, resources and training invested
  • Greater responsibility
  • Must have technical expertise to generate the entire strategy
  • Content production is slower
  • Higher financial investment
  • You are not the only client that these companies have

If you think you can contribute new advantages and disadvantages in any of the two areas mentioned above, don't hesitate to tell us about it. We will be happy to continue adding new knowledge with you.

what should you look for in an Inbound Marketing agency?

An Inbound strategy is not a game. Don't panic, because if you have reached this point it is because you have felt the need for change. To begin with, a specialised agency has the advantage of being an expert in a field, so you should look to see if it has the ability to thoroughly research your sector, if it has worked successfully with other clients, their success stories, the problems or needs it has solved for other companies, if it is capable of monitoring performance with the appropriate metrics and analytics, if it has a defined structure for managing and producing content, etc.

The latter is an essential part of Inbound Marketing strategies: it is transmitting information to others, information that we hope will help and provide the value that our potential customers need, so it cannot be just any content, but content that is capable of solving needs and problems, content that is capable of attracting those who, consciously or unconsciously, are looking for us.

For all this and more, content marketing has become a direct path to attraction, a kind of feedback chain in which SEO is improved, more qualified traffic is attracted, visits and the possibility of generating sales opportunities increase... So, if you are wondering whether to do your own strategy or use a specialised agency, it is important that you weigh up the time, money and effort. I hope I have helped you, dear reader.

Every day that passes is a new opportunity to achieve our dreams. It all depends on you.

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