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Creating video campaigns on Youtube Ads step by step

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YouTube Ads is the video marketing system specially designed to manage advertising on YouTube. Through this system you can create ads in different formats and choose to insert them before, during or after the video that the user wants to watch. Nowadays, advertising on YouTube is one of the most powerful and effective digital tactics to boost traffic levels, reach, sales, positioning or engagement of a brand. So if you are interested in doing so, don't miss out on everything we are going to tell you today. Let's go!

what are the advantages of YouTube Ads?

  • Content with the best engagement. Video is the content format preferred by audiences, as it is a material that manages to stimulate audio-visually, thus achieving greater user retention by connecting with their emotions and preferences.
  • Priority positioning in Google. Within your SEO and SEM strategy, you should not only take into account your website or your blog, but also your YouTube videos, which you can support through advertising to generate traffic and help them appear in the first Google search results.
  • Ability to have a detailed segmentation. The ability to segment video campaigns that YouTube offers you is really extraordinary, as you can segment according to the needs of your business taking into account more than eight targeting methods.
  • Favourable CPV pricing structure - YouTube Ads has a costing system based on CPV (Cost Per View), i.e. YouTube advertising is only paid when a user views an ad for 30 seconds or interacts with it before that time. You do not pay when you simply generate an impression of the video.
  • Ability to limit impressions and views. A very interesting aspect of YouTube Ads is that it allows you to limit the number of impressions and views of an advertisement. The aim of this is to prevent users from viewing the same message excessively, as this could create a feeling of rejection towards the brand.
  • Multi-device availability: YouTube ads are visible on multiple devices: smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets and smart TVs, among others.
  • Complete and powerful analytics. Through the YouTube Analytics tool you can obtain measurable and quantifiable results of the performance of your advertisements, through a series of ad metrics and related reports. Currently, the analytical data that you can access are the following:

-Users visiting your channel.

-How long videos are watched.

-Demographic information about users.

-Level of user engagement.

-Money spent.

-Which videos generate the most or least engagement.

Crear campañas de vídeo en Youtube Ads paso a paso

how to create a YouTube Ads campaign?

  • Experiment with the different formats. Taking advantage of the different ad formats on YouTube Ads helps you to achieve greater reach. However, as there are multiple formats available and each one is designed to generate a specific type of impact, you must first analyse what are the objectives you want to achieve and what is your target user segment you want to reach.
  • Targetyour ads correctly. Take advantage of the targeting options offered by YouTube Ads to show your ads to the audiences that are most prepared according to each stage of the buyer journey. In this way, you can minimise costs and increase the chances of conversion.
  • Place calls to action (CTAs): For your YouTube advertising, you can include interactive features in your videos, such as CTAs, also called calls to action, or interaction cards.
  • Create an end screen. Another very good and effective interactive element are end screens. These are interaction ads that appear between the last 5 and 20 seconds of the video. The objectives of this resource are to attract subscribers to your channel, promote your social networks, increase engagement with your brand, etc. Create attractive and creative content.
  • Create attractive and creative content. In advertising content it is very important to express the message in a quick, clear, eye-catching and attractive way to achieve a better quality of response from audiences. In addition, you must take advantage of emotions. The more emotional the ads are, the better. The idea is that you manage to empathise with a large part of your audience and make them feel identified with your content.

Crear campañas de vídeo en Youtube Ads paso a paso

As you have seen, YouTube Ads can be a very powerful and effective advertising tool in your digital marketing strategy. The most popular video platform in the world will not only give you the possibility of getting your message to a huge audience, but you can also target your ads to those user segments that interest you the most, for a very competitive cost. So don't hesitate, get to work and take advantage of all the features that YouTube Ads offer you to make your business take off. We hope you can and good luck!

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